TV Host Alberto Stegeman Tops MCOP Main Event

MCOP in Amsterdam, Holland Casino.

In a curious turn of events, Dutch TV host and celebrity Alberto Stegeman has managed to win the Master Classics of Poker Main Event, in an intense battle that landed him with $270,000 under his belt.

From Being a TV Host to Winning a Tournament

The Master Classics of Poker (MCOP) is a festival designed with one sole purpose in mind – to give opportunity to players from all levels and backgrounds to compete against each other. With enough events for the rookies, it’s no surprise that there’re those aspects of the competitions where players of all skill levels mingle.

Such is the case of Alberto Stegeman, a TV celebrity host in the Netherlands who’s not really the most active poker professional out there, but who’s nevertheless managed to cash out a few times in his career. Well, he wasn’t as famous until now. Stegeman managed to signed up for the MCOP Main Event, and fetched himself the first spot for the amount total of €240,200.

Despite his main focus being journalism, Stegeman has been known to dabble in the game and play both recreationally and competitively, although his day job has been getting in the way. As an award-winning journalist, his hobby has had to be put on the backburner many times.

Stegeman’s achievement is important and it puts him alongside accomplished poker professionals, such as Noah Boeken, Ruben Visser, David Boyaciyan, and others. More top competitors include Ole Schemion, Rober Mizrachi, and now – Alberto Stegeman.

The competition itself has been quite intense and contested. With a number of serious contenders, the field was diverse, although Dutch players took a slight prevalence both in terms of active competitors and not surprisingly – top places.

With Stegeman walking away with the bulk of the prizing money, it was Kilian Kramer from Austria who finished second for the respectable €160,000. Third and fourth positions were taken by Teun Mulder and Joey Vittali respectively, both of whom represented the Netherlands. They earned €111,400 and €80,200 respectively.

While the first places were clearly dominated by Stegeman’s countrymen, fifth place belonged to Henri Piironen from Finland who walked way with €60,000. Jasper Meijer van Putten came up sixth, prepared to represent the Netherlands again and winning almost €46,000.

Serbian Danilo Velasevic finished seventh for €36,300 and he was followed by David Algarra from Spain for €29,200. The last player to walk away with big money from the final table was Pascal Baumgartner from Switzerland who finished winning nearly €24,000.

Many of these players have been known to the world of poker, too. For example, Jasper Meijer van Putten was an EPT Prague champion, but that wasn’t enough for him to make it all the way to the very top.

While the competition raged on, fortunes changed quickly, suddenly and constantly. Stegeman saw himself coming under threat of elimination, but Kings in the right moment patched things up and launched him back into the competition.

Kilian Kramer managed to establish himself as a tournament leader, having topped a similar competition back in 2017, and he even managed to make it to the very top where he had to meet Stegeman. But the man was ready and he sent Kramer to the reel soon after the event had come just to the two of them.


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