Triton Poker Launches in August

Quite a few events have been wrapped up in the world of poker. We have seen a spate of events that have concluded glamorously and sent ripples across the very fabric of the poker universe. The WSOP Main Event caused us a pleasant glee at the news that John Cynn has managed to walk the line and clinch a victory. The Spartan Poker Tournament in India has also concluded in a great fashion, allowing everyone to see a future for the game in the country.

Now is the time for Triton Poker. The events on the schedule are high-stakes short-deck and no-limit hold’em special editions. Participants are eager to kick off and play in Jeju Landing Casino in South Korea from July 23 through August 1. As the date draws dangerously close, more people are now packing up and ready to leave.

The Pros in Attendance of the Triton Poker

Phil Ivey is among the individuals who will be heading down to South Korea if he hasn’t arrived already. With his 10 WSOP bracelets to his name, he’s a formidable enemy who merits respect and praise. Mr Ivey is keen on joining in on the action that will unfold under the banner of the Triton Poker Super High Roller Series Jeju. Hopefully, he will have a better run than at the recently-concluded WSOP where he was among the eliminated pros.

The event itself is built around five significant events that will feature three short-deck poker events. The short deck version is a new iteration of the game, which will be stipping the twos, threes, fours, and fives from the deck, making for a more streamlined play and also quite purposefully changing some of the basics of the game as we know it.

Even then, two no-limit hold’em events will also be part of the race. In order to understand the event better as a spectator, you will have the talents of Randy Lew, Lex Veldhius, and Chen An Lin elaborating on the action as it unfold before your eyes.

The Spotlight Shines in the Ways of Many

And while Mr Ivey is definitely an enemy not to be sneezed at, for reasons beyond health, he will not be the most notable celebrity going to th eevent. Tom Dwan, Dan Cates,Rui Cao, Paul Phua.
PartyPoker ambassadors <strongFedor Holz and Jason Koon are both coming to the event to kick it up in a higher gear, and that will definitely provide for sufficient plays worth beholding.

The highest competition will tempt with $255,000, known as the NLHE Main Event. The particular meet-up will run from July 30 to August 1, and will most likely attract the most attention in the long run.

As preparations are in full spate, all that’s left for us is to wait and see who else will be joining. The chances of poker pros clinching the main titles are high, but perhaps some underdogs will emerge from the bowels of the tournament.

The other events will offer prize ranging between $13,000 and $64,000, which are not neglectable sums after all, but not as exciting as the main event.

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