Tottenham’s Luca Moura Wins EPL Player of the Month Award

If the English Premier League is said to be a bit top-heavy, this is not always the case when it comes to awarding individual players and managers for their successes. It wasn’t the leaders who had a footballer distinguished in August, though. It was Tottenham who have been maintaining a respectable track record in the recently renewed competition.

Tottenham Spurs’ Moura

Lucas Moura, a distinct professional in the English Premier League and an adored Tottenham Spurs footballer, has had the pleasure to be distinguished for his efforts in the EPL’s August fray. The footballer managed to add three goals to his team’s overall score out of the four appearance Moura made. With the EPL player of the month award under his belt, Moura is an even more important part of the team now.

Coming from Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), a French FC, Moura has been successful as a Tottenham Spurs player. Aged 26, he participated in the victory against Manchester United, which finished with 3 points going in favor of his team whereas the Red Devils remained firmly grounded at zero.

With his latest performance, Moura has been a rather common sight on the field with manager Mauricio Pochettino deciding to develop the potential of the former PSG player. Moura is also in a unique position to play with Harry Kane, who is relieved to have a reliable player by his side who can help him realize excellent goal opportunities.

Most notably, Moura competed with other first-class footballers, outstripping everyone. The other contenders included:

  • Sadio Mane
  • Virgil van Dijk
  • Marcos Alonso
  • Roberto Pereyra
  • Benjamin Mendy
  • Neil Etheridge

Making it Among the Big Players

The success of Lucas Mauro is also important as it indicates that the League is an accommodating place for talent, come from what team you may. Of course, the Spurs are by no means a weak team nor do they struggle with performing well against established powerhouses.

And yet, they still have four places to go if they want to catch up to the leader with impeccable track record – Liverpool. Meanwhile, Watford’s manager, Javi Gracia, has been named August’s EPL manager for his successes in the league and pushing the team all the way up to third place in the group and ahead of another dominant team – Manchester City.

The EPL is indeed rather set in its ways so when teams come back contesting for a top spot, and therefore it’s pleasant to see that those squads are new ones. Watford and Tottenham are definitely bringing much hopes that middling teams can easily outpace the usual suspects in terms of winners.

Just look at the crumbling prospects of Manchester United and Arsenal which have both been struggling on field and managerial level. As brand rights become an ever-stronger point of the EPL, lower-end teams will have fewer opportunities to sign the footballers they need in order to compete at the top level.

This, though, can be changed with Lucas Mauro and players like him making all the difference for their teams.

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