Toby Lewis Wins Aussie Millions Festival

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Toby Lewis has won the main event at the Aussie Millions Festival. Apart from holding the championship title, Lewis also took home with him $1.17 million. Lewis has accomplished unbelievable milestones in poker at a young age. He has garnered more than $4.4 million in winnings from live tournaments and has won the European Poker Tour. Lewis has won many titles from playing online poker under the pseudonym 810ofClubs.

The Aussie Millions 2018 had 800 participants enter the tournament, among the rest, two of the participants being Ami Barer, the 2014 champion and Ari Engel, champion in 2016. The two were no match for Lewis. He went into the last day with the confidence of a champion. When you have as much experience as Lewis does at that level, it is no wonder why he was completely calm.

“I just felt really comfortable. I had an understanding of the players. I stayed off social media. I tried not to hype myself up too much,”

said the United Kingdom professional.

Lewis’ Dominance at the Table

Lewis took a seat at the final table and quickly disposed of Espen Solaas followed by a disposal of Stefan Huber, the Raising for Effective board member. Huber will show his altruism again as he will donate a significant portion of his $735217 winnings to several charities. As a result of winning the main event, Lewis moves up from the 22nd place on UK’s All-Time Live Money list to the 11th spot.

The standings at the final table were as follows:

1. Toby Lewis – $1,178,513
2. Stefan Huber – $735,217
3. Espen Solaas – $951,333
4. Chui Park – $379,853
5. Michael Del Vecchio – $299,033

After 23 events, the Australian poker players have won half of them. The British players are in the second place of winning the most tournaments. North American players won three tournaments. Chance Kornuth was the winner of the No-Limit Hold’em and he earned $107,925. Ben Lamb won the A25k challenge. Along with winning the title came the prize money of $500,000. Sam Greenwood was the winner of A$50k Challenge.

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