Tim Burt Tops 2018 Gulf Coast Poker Championship

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It helps to be Tim Burt. Especially if you have recently attended the 2018 Gulf Coast Poker Championship. Winning the event is one thing. Winning a series of tournaments within that event is another matter altogether. Burt has chosen the latter. We find out what happened as it happened.

Showing Up at the 2018 Gulf Coast Poker Championship

And so, this year has been full with poker action. Who wouldn’t have preferred to enter into a tournament knowing they would win. Of course, there is quite a bit of chance-taking here and the sums are also a bit frightening at first, but completely within the purchasing power of most people who show a modicum of interest in the game.

Held at the Beau Rivage Casino in Biloxi, the 2018 Gulf Coast Poker Championship took place in full. Tim Burt, a 37-year-old poker professional managed to perform quite well. His march to salience began with his second place in the Opening Event. Then, he moved on to win the $1,350 Gulf Coast Poker Championship Main Event and added $103,752 to his winnings.

It has been quite the result indeed. With just 13 events to play at, Burt has been quite lucky to almost finish two, and he certainly made quite the big splash where it mattered. The event itself lasted 11 days, allowing everyone interested to come down in person and participate in one of the most significant poker events this time of the year.

The Beau Rivage Poker Club Wants to Grow

Yes, the Beau Rivage pow-wow was indeed a good thing. Now, it’s up to the hosts to grow it and attract more people According to the venue’s manager, Henry Garrison, the better results in terms of player turn up can be all chalked up to the fact that the casino has experimented with the so-called Beau Format.

Basically, the format promises for all Day 2 players to walk away with a little something of the prize pool. This clearly shifts the focus from the top players to the grassroots. Many people have said that poker can indeed be a bit top heavy, but these arguments haven’t really been tangible given how many new names come and go from poker every year, if not month.

Still, the Beau Format allows players to feel like winners even if they are not, and overcoming the easy threshold is one of the other pulls of the competitions, which makes it even more worth their while. Timothy But, though, is also a known WSOP competitor.

Burt – the Local Boy

Burt has said in an interview for Poker News that he has been quite happy to win, particularly because he had called the Beau venue his home casino for nearly nine years. Tim Burt won $103,752 in the main event and that’s double what the runner-up, Hiep Doan, managed with $59,784.

Poker tournaments, big and small, continue to abound. A lot of casinos are throwing in locally-organized events which cannot quite live up to the breadth of PokerStars or Party Poker, but are nonetheless quite the worthy sights and definitely worth you while as a player or spectator.

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