Tilman Fertitta Pays out Warriors Bet

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New Jersey wants in on the action of sports betting, and who can blame them when sports betting is hot. New Jersey has tried to change the laws regarding sports betting only happening in Nevada. They have spent millions trying different legal requests, and now the state is waiting on the US Supreme Court to make a ruling. Meanwhile, Las Vegas is heating up with the Golden State Warriors game against the Houston Rockets. The game is going to happen in the Western Conference Finals, but some people think the results are already in and that the Warriors are the winners.

It is confidence that has people thinking the Warriors cannot lose. It has something to do with Tilman Fertitta and his casino. He is the owner of Golden Nugget, plus the owner of the Rockets. Tilman Fertitta’s casino is already paying out bets before the West Finals begin. He paid for the team in September $2017, with $2.2 billion. The casino had to cease any betting on the Rockets due to a conflict of interest. It is a normal situation when a sportsbook owner buys a sports team.

Given that the casino can no longer place bets on the Rockets, it seems the Warriors are going to get the slack. The series between the Rockets and Warriors will start Monday. Las Vegas is ready for the Golden State Warriors game.

No Betting on Rockets

If the Warriors are not the winning team, things might get a little upsetting for those who feel they will win. It may also be a little aggravating for those who want to place bets on the Rockets should the team go to the NBA finals.

The NBA finals are coming up soon. The team in Las Vegas that wins will be facing off an eastern conference team, which could be the Cavaliers or the Celtics. The two eastern teams are getting ready to play as well, to decide who is going to the NBA finals.

Winners are not sure who they are going to bet on yet, whether it is the Celtics or Cavaliers. In fact, in the news, no one mentioned the eastern conference teams because the Warriors are so hot right now. With the changes in what team can be bet on, at the Golden Nugget, it is clear the casino is not losing money on the sportsbook with interest in the Warriors odds.

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