The WTO is Asked to Mediate between Antigua and US

Online gambling is full of contention in the USA and many other parts of the world. Keeping to the regulations is difficult and, in some cases, it may appear to lose a person their prize. However, a different story is happening between the USA and Antigua.

Antigua is asking the USA to pay out on a gambling dispute.

Since the country is not getting any response from the USA, Antigua decided to use the World Trade Organization session to ask for a mediator to help resolve the situation.

Back in 2003

Antigua challenged the USA’s online gambling policies in 2003. The World Trade Organization authorized Antigua to get $21 annual, until the US would bring the situation back in line with World Trade Organization laws. The US has not paid Antigua anything, and owes $315 million according to the report.

On Friday, June 22, 2018, the ambassador for Antigua and Barbuda, Ronald Sanders went before the World Trade Organization’s Dispute Settlement Body. He said the country is losing any hope of getting the 15 year- trade dispute settled with regards to US and Antigua online gambling straightened out.

The United States has been against allowing online gambling operators access. Internet service providers block sites. Most countries have also ensured that they block US players by making it impossible to reach any portion of the site, even the free games. However, Antigua has not been as kind to allow the US their regulations to block online gambling.

The World Trade Organization also decided that it was not proper to block online gambling sites, such as those licensed through Antigua and thus, the high million dollar payout that should have been made.

The US Ambassador, Dennis Shea said Sanders’ request was more of a political statement instead of an attempt at resolution. Shea has attempted to discuss the situation with Antigua, but the demands for compensation are unwarranted.

No other country or even US licensed online gambling operators have been able to provide US players with online gaming. Antigua is no different. Antigua claims they have lost significant revenue because the US cut off online gambling licensing, but the US only cut the market access to their country, not anyone around the world.

Sanders’ believes the US is not going to bring itself into compliance with the World Trade Organization and thus demands mediation. US politicians and ambassadors are making it difficult for resolution talks under Trump’s request, according to media statements.

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