The Stars Group acquires Sky Betting and Gaming (SBG)

In a fresh press release, The Stars Group Inc. announced on 10 July that the group had successfully pushed through the acquisition of the Sky Betting & Gaming (“SBG”) Group, allowing it quite the clout in the world of sports betting, online and on-site.

It has been quite the news with Stars Group Chief Executive Office Rafi Ashkenazi expressing his satisfaction with the latest transaction, describing the deal as a “pivotal moment” in the development of the company itself.

It’s a particularly interesting amalgamation, Mr Ashkenazi estimates, and he is not wrong. The bringing together of SBG’s own mobile platform dedicated exclusively to sports betting and the industry-leading practices for poker coined by The Stars Group will drive customer acquisition at an unprecedented rate, he adds.

Across the Industry

Mr Ashkenazi has grand plans for The Stars Group. Based on what information he shared in the press release, he doesn’t simply intend to consolidate his sports betting or poker positions. Au contraire, The Stars Group intends to become a leader across all channels of the online gaming industry, striving towards continued growth and excellent financial indicators.

The latest addition will provide The Stars Group with just what it had hoped for. Beyond the obvious benefit of quick customer acquisition, The Stars Group stands to benefit in many other ways.

For starters, the group will now improve its revenue diversity by a fair share, which means that it will manage to hedge against any financial crunch, driving funds in from across multiple sectors, including poker, casino, and naturally a sportsbook.

The Stars Group is also going to dramatically increase its presence in legislation that are regulated. According to the press release, The Group will benefit from 75% of its total revenue coming from regulated area. This is important insofar as it indicates that the company will not have to sort legal hassles ahead and can focus on its growth.

The Mobile is King

The Stars Group will enhance the overall experience customers of all its segments can enjoy by adding SBG’s own innovative sportsbook, but also adding the full range of mobile solutions.

At a time when gamers are revving up their efforts to be mobile-first, that’s not any bit surprising. Casinos, poker websites, and sportsbooks are now targeting the digital nomads who prefer to opt for all-things-mobile. Hence, the acquisition of a portfolio of apps is important to the sustained growth of The Stars Group.

According to Mr Ashkenazi, the deal created the world’s largest publicly listed online gaming company. He didn’t miss a chance to extol the virtues of the platforms of both.

The grand total of the deal stands at $4.7 billion which is a small price to pay in order to create the world’s largest gaming behemoth that promises to significantly overhaul the gaming experience for everyone.

As the dust from the overhaul settles, new venues of opportunities will soon present themselves to the newly-merged company. What may follow next is a future of sustained and continued expansion.

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