The Star Entertainment Group Attracts Chinese Visitors

Australia is clearly one of Oceania’s gambling huts. The country commands great interest insofar its casinos are concerned. We have seen quite a few swindles and bans shape up over the years, too, but Australia remains one of the magnets for gamblers in the region. Now, the Star Entertainment Group is stepping its efforts in a bid to net more Asian gamers.

The Star Entertainment Group – Charting the Future

Amid the diplomatic rift between the United States and China, casinos have been rather concerned about their operations. Macau, where a lot of the US brands have properties, are among the most vulnerable ones to escalating financial warfare between the two behemoths. Now that China has whisked away an Interpol official to interrogate him and reportedly denying, things aren’t looking any better.

Or are they? Now, the Star Entertainment Group is thinking about lingering in the region quite a bit longer, trying to attract Chinese gamers. The company is focusing on advertising exclusively to Chinese customers and using WeChat to this end. There’s some curious play of words in the marketing campaign that the Star Entertainment Group has undertaken, translating the “Star Harbour City” as “Millions of Star”, indirectly suggesting the rich profits that await.

The Star Group has been treading carefully, of course. Managing Director and CEO Matt Bekier has said that the company is interested in expanding not only because of the gambling segment, but also because the Asian tourist market has been fuelled by Chinese visitors coming from mainland China and venturing out across the region.

The New Middle Class – A Strong Pulling Force for Business

The Star Entertainment Group has continued by arguing that China has been able to generate wealth for its people that has created a new middle-class demographic, which simply cannot be ignored. The purchasing power of such people can be channelled in both the tourism and gambling sectors.

Bekier continued his Thursday statement by adding:

“We also need a more focused China-friendly approach. It is now our biggest source market for inbound visitation. The Chinese are also, by far, the biggest spenders in the tourism space. To ignore that will mean not fully leveraging the opportunity at hand.”

The aptly picked name of “Millions of Stars” comes in line with the dedicated efforts of the Star Entertainment Group to elaborate products and offers that are more China-friendly and allow customers from the region to readily step forth and use what the company has on offer.

The present results, though are the hard work of the company which has kept its end of the bargain after broaching the news it would seek to strengthen ties with Chinese customers.

By tapping into one of the most popular payment systems in Asia, WeChat, the Star Entertainment Group is in fact assuming a country-specific approach which is exactly what a good business should be doing to build stronger ties with its intended markets.

More specifically, the Star Sydney can accept the payment methods that are common to Chinese gamers, including WeChat, UnionPay and Alipay, which facilitate matters for the targeted demographic greatly.

Instead of having to go through a hassle and exchange money, Chinese customers are buying, travelling and playing as they would at home.

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