The Netherlands Let Up Stance on Bad Operators

The Netherlands has been pushing for a more liberal gambling market. The recent changes have involved major shifts in the regulatory bodies and a more go-getter attitude, but still quite remains to be done. Th shortcomings the Netherlands experiences are rather of its own making.

Sports bet has been getting a lot of attention from the Dutch government, but not in a way that would suggest belligerence. Quite on the contrary, the country’s top lawmakers have been quite well-disposed towards the segment, allowing the rather concentrated industry to run its course, in the hands of a single operator. Meanwhile, the lottery has been lambasted by the same parties for putatively holding too much power under its roof, or at least the roof of a handful of entities.

All the Rascals Set Sail for Amsterdam

And now the Netherlands is beckoning to the Buccaneers of the iGaming industry to drop their anchors in the waters of Amsterdam. Admittedly, it has come as a bit of a shock when a Dutch cabinet member announced that mischievous operators, i.e. entities with a proven track record of stilting the outcomes, may apply for Dutch online licenses.

On July 13, Minister for Justice and Security Sander Dekker responded to much of the questions that have been surrounding the country’s newly hammered Remote Gaming Bill, promising to open up the proverbial gambling chakras and channel them in the Netherlands. The bill, in its latest form, was passed in the Parliament’s lower house, winning a decisive approval rating and managed to make an appearance in the Senate.

Mr Dekker intends to tap into the already existing gambling ecosystems and see Dutch gamers move under the aegis of an operator that holds a Dutch gambling license, even though it would be the exact same company doing the maths in the end. Put simpler, the Netherlands are hoping to bait the casinos that operate offshore to apply for a license at which point, according to Mr Dekker, the country will be able to step up and ensure that all social checks are in place.

The KSA – The Omnipresent Source of Regulation

And so, the popular belief goes that once the Kansspelautoreit (KSA) has issued its official licenses, everyone will fall in line and the Netherlands will be able to carry out their regulations in full force. Then again, how many of these casinos will actually undertake the step and move inland is anyone’s guess.

By one estimate, having contrite operators who want to leaf a new page will most likely do the opportunity a fair consideration whereas others, less known and which prefer an underhand way of handling things are likely to discern the makings of a trap and steer clear for the seemingly friendly shores.

Dekker nevertheless considers that adding as many opportunities as possible for the future of gambling is paramount for the success of the revamped bill. In other words, even if the market opens up, if there are no operators to benefit from this change, there’s little point to actually liberalizing it.

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