The Gaming Stadium to Open in Canada

Esports are now slated to expand at an unprecedented rate, but is this expansion purely in the numbers of viewers? Hardly so. The facts are that a growing crop of players are now pushing for more official look of eSports. No, the time of LAN parties, Twitch memes and all-nighters is not quite gone. However, gamers crave more tangible action, and the opening of eSports arena is a way to satiate that hunger.

Esports: Arena of the Champs

This is precisely what is happening with the new gaming facility plainly called The Gaming Stadium. The initiative will launch in Canada, British Columbia, led by Myesports Ventures, a company all geared up to spearhead the eSports revolution.

According to Dan Cybak, CEO at Myesports Ventures, the team working on the 250-seat arena is quite prepared to spur the regional growth of the eSports segment. Plans are to have events run around the clock. But apart from the facilities hosting professionals and high-tier competitors, there’s another distinct feature out there – the chance to mingle with pros yourselves if you are a fan.

Open-layout battle arenas are quite popular. The Blizzard Arena would be another good example of a facility that is dedicated to bringing eSports to the crowds and making the segment a true spectacle.

For Pros and the Crowds

Myesports Ventures COO Matthew Low has reiterated the position of his colleague, saying that the venue will indeed seek to become a bottom-top structure, looking to add as many enthusiasts as possible.

Low had this to say in the official statement announcing the arrival of the new facility in Canada: “We are aiming to cultivate the next great gamers as we will be holding leagues for all skill levels while also offering coaching for those who want to take their skills to the next level. We are going to be the Little League, Junior League and Major League home of all things esports in Vancouver.”

The fact that pros and fans can mingle freely is quite refreshing. It will allow more meaningful collaboration and enhancing of partnerships on a corporate level as well. However, some problems continue to persist – including the top-heavy nature of eSports.

Esports – Still Top-Heavy

Even if Blizzard have been pushing the expansion of their Overwatch League throughout the world, the fact of the matter is that in eSports professionals are struggling to make a living. Even though they are better treated than ever before, there are many issues to be addressed as well.

For instance, minor league players cannot be relying on sustainable salaries, and competing in CS:GO, LoL or Dota 2 comes with a solid competition, which is often impossible to overcome in the long term as well. Matters are quite complicated when it comes down to allowing pros to make a living. Overwatch League successes are inspiring, but not enough.

The advancement of eSports facilities may not address this particular issue. It’s focused on making sure that investors claim the lion share of the viewership and convert youths into customers. However, for eSports to stay sustainable, a fair shot will have to be offered to everyone.

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