The Bookies Odds on Willian’s Transfer

Rumors have been swirling in recent days that one of Chelsea’s most iconic footballers, Willian Borges da Silva may transfer to Manchester United. It’s certainly a surprise given the attachment to the team and apparent joy with his Willian has been playing for the Blue Devils roster. However, bookies have been intensifying the rumors even further by proffering their own two cent’s on why the transfer may be possible.

Chelsea – A Few Good Transfers

According to sources, Chelsea will not be shedding as many players as originally thought. Remember Eden Hazard? The footballer who was set to join the ranks of Real Madrid? Well, he is staying! Based on the known facts, Hazard was turned down by Real Madrid over the price, which soared to the whopping ca $230 million, a world’s record. With Hazard set to stay, Chelsea may need to sell footballers to raise funds.

But even if Hazard is staying at the expense of a hefty monetary incentive, Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri has been beyond himself with the developments. Sarri has wanted to utilize Hazard in play and keep him on the roster. Of course, this will interfere with the odds of bookies which have long been expecting to see Hazard leave.

However, there have been new developments in the transfer-rich background of Chelsea. Willian Borges da Silva may now be an outgoing face. Sources have been speculating that Willian could be joining Manchester United. The bookies have been positively going barmy with the prospect of having Willian join Man United, and Paddy Power, one of the best-known companies, has even been betting on this outcome.

Paddy-Power on the Odds of Transfers

Officially, Paddy Power commented on the possible transfer as thus: “Chelsea are becoming a bit of a Sarri mess this summer – although, apparently, that’s just the new manager’s playing style.”

However, the bookie is convinced that if Willian goes, Chelsea have already come up with a replacement footballer whose name hasn’t been floated. Of course, replacing a footballer of the stature of Willian would be difficult. Not only that, but any manager would want to see a replacement coming in quickly to help the team keep its side.

Meanwhile, the future of Hazard is hazardous indeed. He will not be joining Real Madrid as they have offered 50 million less than what Chelsea had requested, which means that Hazard will in all likelihood stay with Chelsea.

With two years to go still, Hazard will prove a useful asset to the team. The two years will also help. With Willian’s bid now accepted by Manchester United, all that’s left is to wait and see if the footballer will make the cross-over. There are of course personal factors to include. Willian may opt to ask and stay in Chelsea as he feels at home with the club.

Conversely, Manchester United may also back out of the deal, which is not an unlikely scenario in the slightest given the last-minute adjustments most football clubs in the world do to guarantee they have the best rosters.

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