Team Liquid’s LoL Team Acquires Jensen from Cloud9

Team Liquid and Cloud9 are two of the best-known competitive organizations in the world of esports. Now, they have struck a deal for the exchange of the latter’s famed professional player, Jensen.

Liquid Hits Cloud9 with an Offer for Jensen

Multiple sources have reported that Team Liquid is now looking for a way to carry out the buyout of Nicolaj “Jensen” Jensen from Team Liquid. The news were confirmed just minutes after we started reporting. As a result, Liquid is now adding Jensen in the role of mid-laner in the hopes of strengthening the squad’s presence in the game.

Jensen will step in the shoes of Eugene “Pobelter” Park who carried out Liquid to a number of titles all throughout 2018, including the North American League of Legends Championship Series. Pobelter demonstrated strong presence in a number of competitive series, including the Splits taking place in Miami and Oakland earlier this year.

With Pobelter’s contract now concluded, he will step into the role of a free agent and await an opportunity to join one of the top competitive clans.

A lot is changing in the world of League of Legends right now, with the European League of Legends shifting into a franchised model with 10 teams now making it in. The announcement about the exact teams to make the cut is expected on Tuesday, November 20. All of these squad will be thrown in a fresh competition, allowing them to build a name for themselves.

Some of the organizations that will participate will even be fielding their teams for the very first time. With so many opportunities on both sides of the Atlantic, free agents who have distinguished themselves, will have a great choice.

Jensen’s story is not without faults though. Even though he’s now considered one of the best players, in his formative and more vulnerable years, Jensen was known by the name of “Incarnation” and eventually merited a ban from Riot, as he was spreading a toxic behavior and using distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks to hinder other players from playing and competing effectively.

A troublesome character, Jensen has had trouble staying with Cloud9 as well, with the team having had to bench him earlier this year and use back-up mid-laner Greyson “Goldenglue” Gilmer in his stead. However, during the World Championships, Jensen returned at the helm of the team, as the favorite mid laner.

Given Cloud9’s experience with Jensen, Team Liquid need to be wary of the pitfalls that come with acquiring a talented, but temperamental player who is known to break the code of conduct and use illegal ways of gaining advantage, even if done amid a tantrum fit.

Jensen can certainly benefit the team’s roster on a good day and lead to unexpected and perhaps unnecessary complications on a bad day. Even without Jensen, Team Liquid seem to be doing well, defeating Cloud9 for the title in September.

What lies ahead will be challenging, but no less exciting for both Team Liquid and Jensen. Knowing Jensen’s somewhat vindictive nature, he may be looking for a way to get back on Cloud9.

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