Svenska Spel Steps Up Anti Match-Fixing Campaign

Svenska Spel will be teaming up with various authorities to secure the sports betting segment in the country by collaborating with police officials and administrators. The bookmaker hopes to completely eradicate the practice of match-fixing as a result of its efforts.

Spel Says Goodbye to Match-Fixing

Swedish bookmaker and gaming company Svenska Spel is preparing to toughen its stance on match-fixing by seeking to collaborate with police departments and official sporting bodies in order to unearth fraudulent practices that mar the reputation of the game, but also damage the bookmaker’s own business activities by undermining trust in betting.

This is coming as part of the newly-introduced regulatory laws in the country, following a push from the European Union for conformity insofar as sports betting and gambling laws are concerned. Europe and Sweden have been caught in a legal dispute since 2014, when the European Commission opened legal proceedings against the country over a failure to adjust the rules for online betting and poker games.

Enjoying a rather entrenched position in Sweden, Svenska Spel is also expecting to be officially presented as the first legal gaming entity in the country, holding an official license that has been issued by Swedish gaming authorities.

Since Sweden is officially opening to foreign bookmakers that are willing to abide by local regulations, the bookmaker is aware of the mounting competition that will follow in 2019 onwards. As a result, Svenska wants to promote itself not solely as a place to put a wager, but also as a trove of knowledge when it come to responsible gaming and how to spot match-fixing.

No Fixes, Only Odds

Svenska Spel will most notably partner with both the Swedish Football Association and the police department charged with investigating sports crime. To achieve a market that is free of match-fixing, though, Svenska will avoid offering odds on youth leagues and other less competitive tournaments where players are far more likely to be tempted to score a quick profit by stilting the results.

Naturally, this may take a bite out of the revenue, but Svenska Spel seem to be determined to protect customers and ensure a betting activity that is free from all dependency. In Fredrik Wastenson own words, guaranteeing safety & security in the activity is the utmost priority that Svenska Spel has right now, and even though revenue may suffer as a result, the bookmaker will stick to it.

We urge more gaming companies to join the fight against match fixing, for example, by rebuilding their game offer. Svenska Spel is one of Swedish sports biggest sponsors and we will never give up the fight against match fixing. – Wastenson

The bookmaker also hopes to inspire other bookmakers to follow its example and actively seek to eliminate match-fixing in all its forms. Ridding the country of such worries would help bookmakers and customers have a better-quality experience, not to mention that doubting the outcome of events will be far less likely.

Match-fixing has been a known problem in Sweden, and Svenska Spel is stepping up its efforts to completely eradicate it in collaboration with the competent bodies.

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