Superbet’s Polish Future Delayed a Few Months

Superbet arrives in Poland.

Poland’s relation with online gaming in one form or another has been truly fraught. Multiple regulations have barred the majority of operators offering their services from beyond the country’s borders and some laws were even threatening to go so far as to intrude on Internet denizens’ privacy. Of course, none of this has passed unnoticed by the civil society which fought back quite vehemently. Now, a new project, but not a restrictive one, is rearing its head in the country. Innovation has been at the heart of its expansion, and the company definitely has a lot to offer.

Romania’s SuperBet Wants to Test the Polish Waters

Romania’s gambling flagship operator Superbet is now facing a series of mild issues related to taking Polish punters on board. The online sports book has been deterred by the complexity of the sports betting application process for an online license. Even though the company won a license in October 2017 to operate its land-based facilities, bringing scalability online could prove a mean feat.

As someone who spends several months a year in Poland, I can rightfully tell you that the locals make abundant use of the red tape. And it truly works – even if it infuriates the majority of people most of the time.

Now, Superbet will have to defer the opening of its online sports book by at least a few months. Initially, the opening was scheduled or Q3 2018, but now Superbet Polska CEO Aleš Dobeš said that the schedule has been re-adjusted to accommodate a more realistic time slot.

Dobeš also added that the company is working at full speed to bring the sportsbook online in the shortest time possible which means a lot of internal checks that can guarantee the product which will be offered to Polish gamers will actually meet the required standard. Dobeš pointed out that the Ministry of Finance in Poland won’t be bothered with any applications until such a time that the company has made sure that their product is solid and it will make the cut.

A Polish Dream

Meanwhile, Superbet continues to work 50 selling points across the entire country. While commenting on the launch of the online sportsbook, Dobeš also made a point that the company will seek to brush up on its full portfolio and the available products, which will make it possible for gamers to place wagers even quicker and simpler.

Superbet is one of the few companies on the Polish market that can accept bets on the territory of the country. Swedish giant Cheery AB has also obtained a license recently and is now working on its land-based offer.

At the same time, Superbet has just unveiled its first mobile sports betting app, which is very likely to be part of the upcoming online sports book. There may be some problems with distributing the app, as the Google Store is currently after any such applications associated with the activity. However, most bookmakers tend to use QR codes and direct links from their own websites, which means that in all likelihood, Superbet will find a reliable way to distribute its full offer to the eagerly awaiting Polish punters.


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