Super Bowl Odds Available at Las Vegas Sportsbooks

Sportsbooks in Las Vegas are looking to the Jacksonville Jaguars to win the upcoming Super Bowl. The preseason odds for winning are considered the longest with two oddsmakers betting that the Jaguars will win.

Not all of the information is in yet, with the NFL Playoffs championship round upcoming on Sunday, January 21, 2018. CG Technology which operates at the Venetian, Palazzo, Tropicana, and Cosmopolitan is favoring the Jaguars.

According to details, the operator has three bets made by a single gambler. This person is wagering $3,200 on 125 to 1 odds that the Jaguars will win. If Jacksonville takes on the New England Patriots Sunday and wins, they will still need to win against the Minnesota Vikings or Philly Eagles during the Super Bowl. The gambler will make $337,500 if the Jaguars win.

The Eagles and Vikings will determine who plays in the Super Bowl against the Jaguars or Patriots. More betting is occurring on the Patriots, Eagles, and Vikings than on the Jaguars.

William Hill is not the only sportsbook setting up bets for the Jaguars to win. William Hill has 108 sports betting locations in Nevada, and they are also pulling for the Jaguars to win.

Game Time

The Patriots and Jaguars game is set for Sunday at 3 pm Eastern. The game is being held in Foxboro, Massachusetts. The Patriots are the 7.5 point favorite; however, Tom Brady has a hand injury, which could leave the team open to losing against the Jaguars. Brady has not stated whether his injury will stop him from playing, but if he does not Brian Hoyer will need to get his team to the Super Bowl. Hoyer has only one game start in the postseason, whereas Brady has 35 starts and has already won five super bowls.

When it comes to the Eagles and Vikings, their game is at 6:40 pm Eastern. Carson Wentz is out for the season as the quarterback, which make lead to the Vikings to the win. Eagles will put in Nick Foles who has some good stats. Foles was a starter, who gave a 15 to 10 win playing Atlanta last week. He has also gone 23 to 30, for 246 yards, but did not throw a touchdown.

Case Keenum who plays for the Vikings has been a surprise and made the team a three-point favorite for the sportsbooks. The two games will determine the two teams are playing in Super Bowl LII.

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