Steve Wynn Sues for Defamation

Steve Wynn has been in the headlines, and it has not been good. Several women have stepped forward to say he sexually harassed them during his years running Wynn Resorts. One manicurist has also filed suit, but it seems she may have done so without cause. Steve Wynn is no longer the leader of Wynn Resorts.

Wynn was asked to leave his CEO position, to move out of his penthouse, and even sell his shares. Late last week, the Wynn Boston project was in the news with an announcement that the casino would no longer have “Wynn” in the name, but Encore. The investigations, allegations, and lawsuits heading towards Wynn are not certain enough to ruin his name and his company. But, it seems he may get a little payback with one former employee of Wynn Resorts.

Wynn has filed a defamation lawsuit against Jorgen Nielsen. Nielsen was the artistic director at the salon at the resort in Las Vegas.

Wynn is filing a suit against her for comments made to the Wall Street Journal and ABC News. He states the allegations are false and since Nielsen was the source of the comments, according to Wynn, he is going to ensure he wins a defamation suit.

The Wall Street Journal published the comments in question. The statements indicated sexual mistreatment occurred between Wynn and several female employees. Allegedly the issue went on for decades with no one doing anything to stop him.

The report included information about sexual acts Wynn wanted to be performed on him. It also stated a $7.5 million settlement was given to one victim. Nielsen, according to Wynn, lied. Her comments are defamatory, and he feels he can win the suit.

Wynn’s Denial of Wrongs

Wynn, since the article, has repeatedly denied the allegations against him. He says his ex-wife is partly to blame for the article and disparagement. He also states she is behind getting him booted out of Wynn Resorts.

The resort has endured several issues since the allegations and lost some of its stock worth. Last week, Elaine Wynn, the ex-wife, started a campaign to oust some of the board members. The casino has had to suffer from Nevada, Macau, and Massachusetts with regards to naming issues.

Whether or not Wynn is guilty, several things are pretty clear—he intends on filing suits against those who are bringing allegations against him, claiming the defamation and slander is hurting his name, former company, and that he is not guilty.

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