Steve Wynn Still in the Hot Seat

Steve Wynn may be a former casino boss, due to allegations by several employees, but he is still in the media spotlight. Tuesday, March 6, 2018, a woman claiming to be Steve Wynn’s manicurist filed a lawsuit. She filed with the Las Vegas courts against Wynn saying he sexually harassed her and even assaulted her.

The woman, in her lawsuit documentation, said Wynn held his hand over his genitals making it impossible to avoid touching him there while she did his nails. He is also allegedly guilty of causing the manicurist sit extremely close so that her knee would touch his genitals. She said he would rub her arms or legs.

Wynn Resorts is no longer a place that Steve Wynn is welcome and the company may also have to explain their actions during the investigation if it comes out anyone on staff in a position to report Wynn knew of his alleged behavior.

The manicurist says the management and her direct supervisor knew of his actions toward her and did nothing. They ignored her claim, dismissing it casually, and most of the salon staff tried to avoid being the one that would have to complete Wynn’s appointment.

The lawsuit says Wynn demanded the salon clear him of wrongdoing. He supposedly asked for all employees to record a video stating that he never harmed them sexually. The manicurist says he made this demand on February 1, 2018.

The manicurist is asking for $15,000 for future, unique, and economic damages. She is also requiring Wynn’s business partners to supply $15,000 each because she holds these partners liable for allowing Wynn’s behavior.

The Sexual Misconduct Trouble

The manicurist is just one woman of an extensive list that has accused Wynn of improper action. In January, two massage therapists also employed at the resort filed lawsuits.

Wynn continues to deny that he has ever sexually harassed employees at the resort or acted in a way that would be misconduct. Wynn did remove himself from his CEO position of Wynn Resorts in February. He will also need to give up his penthouse at the resort. Furthermore, he is no longer contesting his ex-wife’s rights to sell her shares and may need to sell his own back to the resort.

Matt Madox is filling in as CEO in the interim, and Director Boone Wayson is also the non-executive chairman in charge at the hotel.

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