Stephen Chidwick Wins at the US Poker Open

Stephen Chidwick

Stephen Chidwick is ranked as the top British poker player. He went to the US Poker Open and won two of the five final tables during the eight-series event. Chidwick got his poker start in online poker rooms using freerolls. It was ten years ago. Today, Chidwick is known as the top player, without investing any of his own money in his bankroll. He earned $11.3 million.

Sam Trickett is the second highest winner, back in 2012, when he won $10 million at the One Drop. Chidwick may have a bit more in winnings, but that does not rank him as the only person to go double digits at a multi-table tournament, with regards to British poker history.

History of Chidwick

Stephen was born in Deal, a town in the UK. Perhaps, it is the name of the city that has provided Chidwick with all his luck. What matters is not winning the most money, but for enjoying the ranks of recognition. He started with an online presence while some of the most prominent poker names fought their way to the top at land-based tables.

He focused on getting titles in the poker world and has become one of the top players in the world by attending events like the US Poker Open.

Players around the world covet the US Poker Open trophy, and now it is Chidwick’s. He gained cash in five of the eight events, finishing first in two of the games and third for four of the other tables.
The money is excellent, of course, especially, when he walks away with $1,256,650. It is the most he has won at a tournament and given Stephen the best memory in ten years.

Stephen’s other wins include the World Poker Tour with a buy-in of 60,000 pounds. He came away with $2.8 million in 2014 from that tournament. Stephen says his wins are due to faith. His investors and peers have faith in him to do well, and it keeps getting him top hands at the table.

Other Winners

Chidwick is not the only person to win at the US Poker Open. Sixty-seven people were attending the game, with Ben Tollerene coming out on top in event five, with a win of $187,600. He made it to the final table, which is not something Chidwick managed, with only five of eight events played. Tollerene was able to get to the final table and beat out the other entrants.


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