StackLab’s Training Program Funded by CoinGeek

The Dream Team conference is over, but CoinGeek is garnering news all the same, with their new program launch. CoinGeek wants to help build bitcoin as a digital currency. They are attempting to make it a global concept where everyone uses peer-to-peer digital currency instead of mainstream methods of payment like credit cards and cash. A part of this new moves is a training program.

CoinGeek offers training to several companies to help teach blockchain. The company made the announcement and will speak more about it during the BCH merchants conference in Hong Kong on May 18th. An important task is to train developers to work with blockchain technology. It is difficult to find experienced developers in the blockchain, so CoinGeek feels more people need to learn.

GoinGeek and Calvin Ayre are contributing $150,000 to the training. The program will be in the Philippines, which is the second largest IT outsourcing location in the world. To make this happen, the company is partnering with Stacklab.

Stacklab is one of the first businesses that will be gaining training in the blockchain program. They are part of the StackTrek Enterprises company. They will offer on-the-ground help for the training program.

Stacklab is also part of the next-generation technology, in the Philippines, that wants people to learn more about blockchain. They are located in Iloilo.

Training 50 Developers

The announcement states 50 developers will be trained at the beginning. They will focus on Bitcoin BCH blockchain. The trainees are going to be selected at a coding tournament. The tournament is funded by World Bank and will involve the most unbiased programmer capability evaluation test. The test is recognized by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Only the top participants in the two levels of 2 percent and 11 percent will be able to test for the training program. It will last for six months. Stacklab will also help developers find employment while aiming to transform developing cities like Iloilo create new technology centers and gain the employees to make it happen.

nChain will be part of the program. The company is a leader in blockchain research and development. nChain is a London, UK company that is shaping the curriculum, projects, and other aspects of the courses.

All three companies feel Bitcoin BCH chain is the only public blockchain that should exist once cryptocurrency takes hold in major markets. Others like Ethereum are not as stable or transparent—it seems.

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