Spain Shows a Top Fourth Quarter for 2017

Spain regulated online gaming establishments in 2017, but this did not affect the overall profits of the companies. According to new data for 2017’s final quarter, all the gambling markets had significant increases in revenues. The Direccion General de Ordenacion del Juego or Spain licensing regulator released the numbers for the last quarter. In the previous three months of the year, revenue was 173 million euros. It is a 38 percent increase over the same time frame in 2016 and 23.5 percent higher for 2017’s quarter three.

Active customer numbers improved based on a twelve-year study, with 676,000 customers playing online. These customer deposits show an increase of 52 percent or 495 million euros being used online at the casinos. The numbers do not seem concerned with a reduction in the advertisement arena—given spending for ads was down by 1.4 percent. Still, at 31 million euros spent on ads, they do seem to matter to the customers joining in active play.

Customers had an advantage of bonus options, which were up to 21 million euros or by 13 percent based on the year to year data. Affiliate marketing expenses also increased 38 percent, which is more than double the sponsorship expenses paid out for the quarter.

Vertical Increases in Earnings

Vertical, an online casino shows the most change in the sports betting area. The casino saw spending up to 1.77 billion euros for the last quarter, which is 48 percent higher than 2016. It also means a 49.9 percent turnover while sports betting became second place regarding overall market share.

Sports betting may show second, but it is still a revenue dominating gambling arena, with a 48 percent year on year increase.

Live betting also increased in the fourth quarter making a change of 51 percent, wit ha 68 percent market share. Roulette both conventional and live has some dominance in the market in the live betting section.

Even poker is showing improvement with 15.5 percent increase in spending ensuring revenue was up about 15.5 million euros for the quarter. The gains are also found in tournament fees, but there was a downside to cash games. The stake slipped 2.6 percent.

Spain said they are hoping to increase interest in cash poker games in the next year; mainly, with the shared liquidity deal made with France. Stars Group’s PokerStars started growing cash game spending with their operations.

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