Sow Wins Two PokerStars Championships

Kalidou Sow first won the PokerStars Championship in Prague, then, followed it up by winning the PokerStars Festival Main Event in London. The Frenchman has been on a winning streak and shows no signs of lighting up. Last December, Sow beat 855 entrants, including Jason Wheeler, to win the PokerStars Championships Prague Main Event. For being crowned the champion, Sow walked away with a cash prize of 675,000 euros. Even though Sow was the champion, he did not collect a Platinum Pass. He was the last to win a tournament that big and not receive the pass.

Instead of being concerned with not receiving the Platinum Pass, Sow devised a ploy to win another big tournament. He bought into the PokerStars Festival London Main Event for 990 pounds. The 852 players who entered the competition had gathered a total prize winning of 743,796 pounds. At the final table, Sow was placed third from the bottom. Paul Dando was in the lead. Sow predicted that he would face Dando in heads-up action. His prediction was imminent.

David Mander ended up taking the third place. He entered the event with an $11 Spin & Go and managed to turn it into 60,000 pounds. “It’s a surreal experience. I can’t explain it. I have played well and been lucky. It’s quite shocking when you’re up against someone in the flesh,” said Mander.

Sow Winning PokerStars London

Dando went up against Sow and after half an hour of great sportsmanship, Dando lost. Along with winning the PokerStars Festival London Main Event, Sow collected a $30,000 Platinum Pass. Sow has been very busy at the tables, hardly taking a break. The question that remains to be answered regarding his career is, when will Sow take a break? Maybe he should rest until the $25000 Player’s No-Limit Hold’em Championship, which will be held in the Bahamas.

Sow does not seem to be interested in taking time off, especially amid the winning streak. When you’ve reached the final tables as many times as Sow has, it becomes your new habitat, one that you will not let go.

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