Smash Bros Ultimate Details Revealed on Wednesday

The Evo 2018 Super Smash Bros. Melee finals have caused some stir, not only because fans were eager to watch some digitalized exchange of lasers and shedding of blood, but also because Nintendo additionally excited the crowds.

Fans were told that Nintendo is edging closer to the release of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – the latest edition of the game that promises to bring even more digital action right to the screen of fans from all stripes.

The Direct – Special Streaming Session

In a special streaming session known as The Direct, Nintendo will beckon to its fans on August 8 and it will discuss the future of its games and how they will transition from competitive experiences into full-blown eSports titles. While not much is known for the exact nature of The Direct, but we expect to see the announcement of the missing 66th hero.

Yes, a new character would definitely make the crowds go slightly barmy. And who wouldn’t? The introduction of the 65th toon, Ridley was a raging success – quite literally with the fans sharing their appreciation on social channels and all other medium they could lay their hands on.

The Alternative(s)

Of course, Nintendo is not necessarily revealing a new character. There are plenty of opportunities for the developers to truly stand out from the crowd and reveal something meaningful beyond characters.

For instances, many are now speculating that Nintendo could in fact unearth more information about single-player content or share a hitherto unknown info about the upcoming modes and events.

Looking at the facts, many fans were prepared for an announcement that was coming at the very finals, but instead Nintendo decided to deliver a prescient blow of marketing, whipping up enthusiasm for the finals, but also building anticipation for the special event after them!

Even then, some people were rather miffed with the decision of Nintendo to withhold news at the finals, as many had expected this to be the case. But even the ruffled fans can appreciate the strategy of Nintendo and the constant buzz generated around their favorite game.

The Game Itself

The Smash Bros is a game inspired by the lasting franchise about Super Mario, a charming moustachioed plumber with a flair for saving princes. In the latest game, though, Nintendo have turned him into a brawler, spoiling with a fight with anyone who eyeballs him or looks at him in a funny way.

The Direct will hopefully reveal all the information that fans want to know. Fans are particularly interested in the Nintendo Switch fighting game, because they help it will add a lot of the best features of the franchise, including Snake from Metal Gear Solid along with other beloved toons.

The game will definitely take on a new shape should the creators decide to add to its offer generously, introducing a number of novelty features, which are slated to change the rules of the game.

While we wait, there’s nothing left for us but to prepare for the Wednesday stream of The Direct.

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