Side Bet Approved by Macau

Macau is making a comeback with top revenue postings from various casinos, such as Grand Lisboa. The island Las Vegas is bound to show even better revenues with the new move they are making at the Baccarat tables.

Macau is going to allow a new side bet, Lucky 6, which is available at baccarat tables. Lucky six is a well-known side bet, given that it has been available in casinos around the world like Las Vegas Sands in Nevada. The bet pays when the winning banker hand has a value of six.

If the hand has three cards, then the payout is 20 to 1. If there are two cards, the payout is 12 to 1. Lucky Six is a side bet that needed approval from the Macau regulatory agency, Macau Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau to be legal. The DICJ approved the stake by announcing their Official Gazette.

A spokesperson for the regulator told media that they revised the “side bet” regulation as a way to increase the options and provide more variety for players. Usually, new gambling options and games requested by the casino need to have approval from the DICJ. The regulatory body did not indicate whether there was only one casino or a group of them that asked for the change regarding Lucky Six.

Specific Details About the Bet

The side bet is not something every casino has to introduce. The regulation change will allow for any casino to provide the betting option at the baccarat table; however, some casinos may decide not to carry it. Baccarat tends to be the game of choice in Macau. In 2017, earnings from the tables were 88.4 percent of the total revenue. The city’s gross gaming revenue was $29 billion. About half of the high stakes winnings came from high-stakes baccarat.

Lucky Six is joining Dragon Seven and three progressive jackpot options for different ways to bet. Dragon Seven is a three card banker hand, in which seven pays 40 to 1, and any other hand pays zero.

Baccarat has murky origins in comparison to other games. No one is certain if the game started in the 19th century or existed before that under a different name and slightly different rules. The game has evolved to include various ways to wager, but you also have to account for the nine being the highest winning hand, with face cards having no value.

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