Shaun Deeb Close to Concluding Another Player of the Year

Shaun Deeb continues to climb the leaderboard of the WSOP Player of the Year. The title is within grasp and dethroning Deeb would take a series of events more bizarre than anything we have seen in poker so far.

Player of the Year

Shaun Deeb, a known name in poker, is holding the lead for the WSOP Player of the Year title. It all seems certain, though when it comes to come-backs and wowing outcomes of tournaments, poker is definitely one of a kind game. Mr. Deeb is now well ahead of the pack and he intends to stay there, even if some critics have said that he’s already losing his keen grasp of the game. He himself seems to keep a brave face about it.

He knows that his game has been suffering, but apparently not enough to hold him away from the year’s title yet again in 2018. Mr. Deeb’s leadership can still be contested, particularly by Anthony Zinno who has joined the WSOPE event and trying to overcome a 2,500 points difference, which means a handful of first places for him if he wants to come within a sliver of contesting the title.

Zinno Falters at the High Roller Event

Mr. Deeb offers an excellent track record. He managed to amass $6 million in live earnings, $4.2 million of which came through attending WSOP events. Certainly, he is far from being the most grossing player in history. However, Zinno’s efforts have so far come to no good.

He managed to join the No-Limit Hold’em event but didn’t break into the final table. In fact, he finished 15th, ending up the race far from adding sufficient points to his name. Still, Mr. Deeb himself trailed all the way back to 20th place. However, it wouldn’t matter as he will most certainly be crowned the winner of the year again.

Mr. Deeb has commented that he had actively tried to claim the title every year, making it one of his objectives. Speaking about the nature of Players of the Year to a media outlet, Mr. Deeb noted that most of the players who make it to the top of the leaderboard are usually those who have already won the title before.

He noted that the title in itself is a great incentive for everyone to pursue even further gaming exploits. Naturally, there is always the bitter disappointment of losing a tournament, Mr. Deeb has inserted as part of an interview for a major outlet.

With him securing the title yet another year, the poker action in the Czech Republic is beating on at full bore. There has been a number of exciting events featuring a multinational crowd though Europeans have been dominating the tables.

French presence has been strong too. Just hours ago, Michael Adammo managed to win the race in which Zinno and Daub failed to break in the final table. The Australian had a prolonged fight with German fellow player and their game continued until 6 AM, making it one of the most highly-contested games.

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