Serena Defeats Venus, Continues in U.S. Open

The Williams sisters have been Legends in tennis. Anyone who was born back in the 90s would certainly have in the very least heard about the famous siblings. And they are famous on the basis of virtue alone. Stellar tennis players, they have been making headlines by conquering the very summits of the tennis world, year in and year out. Just several hours back, they met to play against one another.

Williams Meets Williams

Playing at the top level, the sisters are accustomed to meeting in tournaments. There’s no rivalry beyond the desire to win, but even then the pair always seem to be in good mood, win or loss. It was Serena Williams, however, who managed to clinch a quick victory over Venus at the U.S. Open.

Serena did a quick 6-2 6-1 victory, relegating her sister quickly out of the race. Naturally, this achievement in itself is quite impressive. The match barely made it past the 70th minute mark and we saw the sort of play that have been making it possible for the sisters to be at the top of the game. As Venus is now out, Serena is preparing to meet her Estonian opponent, Kaia Kanepi.

The sisters have always been quite effusive when playing against each other. They have both said that they are close and feel compassion with each sister’s loss and rejoice with every victory. Meanwhile, Serena said that she had done a great display on the field whereas her sister argued that it had been the best display of skill to date in a game between the sisters on record.

Quite the Few Matches in the Past

The Williams sisters have met before. Their overall games stand at 18-12 in favor of Serena. However, Serena has been improving significantly, winning nine out of the last 11 matches that she had versus her sister. Interestingly enough, though, they have never met so early in a championship before.

Of course, Serena seemed to encourage her sister and expected her to play at her best. Venus also wanted to put up a fight and bring the game back in her favor. However, Serena’s attacks were quick and to the point, leaving little wiggle room for Venus to act.

It could be argued that Serena is just the better player of the two. Conversely, though, it can also be said that players interact differently between each other. With this in mind, some athletes may perform poorly, because they know that they are expected to lose or they have had a bad experience with the athlete beforehand.

It goes to show that sport is as much about physical prowess as it is the ability to control oneself and channel your emotions, not letting them get in the way.

Serena signalled earlier this year that she would return to tennis and play at the highest level again if she can help it. It’s understandable that an athlete of her class would want to pursue her career and keep winning at the game she has helped write the book on.

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