Sega Announces Q1 2019 Arrival for Paradise City

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The Paradise City casino resort prepares to open in the first quarter of 2019, Sega says. The property will be arriving in South Korea sooner than original forecasts suggested.

The Paradise City Casino Hits Markets in Q1, 2019

Japanese gaming developer Sega Sammy Holdings Inc has officially put a time stamp on the upcoming Paradise City casino resort. The company has said that the property will open early in 2019, most likely in the first quarter. Sega started investing in South Korea’s Paradise project as early as 2013.

The facilities will be quite extensive, featuring a shopping plaza, a spa center and a pool with aqualoop waterslide. In addition, there will be a night club, which will able to host up to 3,000 people, and more interesting and not necessarily gambling-related amenities will be added. Paradise City casino resort will also see its own art exhibition hall dedicated to full-scale expos.

Sega used the occasion of reporting its own financial results to outline the future plans for the anticipated property. According to the company, the second phase of the project should be arriving early in 2019. The project has so far costed $1.4 billion, as per information released by the project’s promoter.

Even though the company will operate in South Korea and Japan itself is anticipating a casino resort in a few years, Sega has confirmed that the company will actively seek to advertise the property to Japanese gamers.

Meanwhile, Sega has not given up on any attempt to follow through with obtaining a permit to operate and develop activities in the future integrated casino resort back home in Japan.

Amid the somewhat falling financial results, Sega was still confident in its ability to expand and develop its main assets. Net sales jumped a bit in 2018, settling at JPY5.18 billion for the first financial half.

Sega’s Moving in on the Home Market

Earlier in October, Sega stated that the company had continued to advance investment in varied gambling activities across Japan. Sega also pointed out that it already had had experience with managing resorts, citing the Phoenix Seagaia Resort it bought back in 2012 and has operated since.

Sega though did not cite its familiarity with the segment alone. The company stated that it was doing comprehensive analysis of those aspects of running a casino that clearly added value to developing a project of the scope and scale that the future Integrated Resort (IR) in Japan will be.

Many companies have announced their intention to participate. However, I want the Group to hold the majority of projects and develop businesses in a broad range of fields with casino operations as the central focus. – Sega Sammy Holdings CEO Hajime Satomi

Speaking to Inside Asian Gaming, a respected news outlet that breaks gambling news from Asia, Sega Sammy CEO Hajime Satomi explained where his company outstripped everyone else.

According to Mr. Satomi, endemic brands focused entirely on running casinos whereas Saga already had the necessary experience to create a multi-purpose facility, which, while focusing on casinos in its kernel, would still introduce a variety of side businesses as well.

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