Scout Gaming Launches B2B DFS in Mexico

Scout Gaming's listing on NASDAQ.
Scout Gaming arrives in Mexico to introduce DFS.
  • Scout Gaming Arrives with B2B DFS Platform in Mexico
  • Logrand Entertainment Group welcomes and approves the move
  • Revenue will be shared based on how many users choose Scout Gaming products

Fantasy sports betting is expanding in Mexico with Scout Gaming deciding to scale its operations in North America after a sign-up with flagship casino brand Logrand Entertainment Group.

Mexico’s DFS Market Grows with Scout Gaming’s Arrival

In 2019, Mexico will see a quick development of its sports betting market. Scout Gaming, a B2B provider of betting offers, is arriving in the country with its Daily Fantasy Sport (DFS) platform following a partnership with Logrand Entertainment Group, a company that operates 14 casinos in Mexico.

As a result of the partnership, Logrand will roll-out Scout’s platform via the Strendus brand with the launch anticipated before June, 2019. Scout will use the expansion as an opportunity to add more competitions that it follows across its platforms, all of which will be coming from the Mexican market. So far, sports betting in Mexico has been pivoting around several verticals, including:

  • National Football League (NFL)
  • Mexican and NBA basketball
  • Liga MX soccer, a Mexican competition

While there have been no forecasts about the potential windfall from the partnership, Scout remain confident that the new tie-up will allow the company to expand its clout in North America as well as develop new markets further down South.

The decision to expand in Mexico is also in accord with the company’s strategy to pursue a global leadership in Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) solutions. According to Scout’s CEO, Andreas Ternström, the company’s main focus remains B2B solutions and Mexico is a good touch stone for achieving this goal. The official statement of the company read as such, citing Mr. Ternström:

We see big potential in the region and is proud to be chosen by Logrand which is one of the leading Mexican brands. Their ambition to build the top product offering aligns well with our ambition.

The news was understandably well-received by Logrand Group as well. According to the Group’s Chief Operating Online Officer, Lenin Castillo, the partnership with Scout Gaming Group will lead to a “high-level diverse online entertainment platform”.

New York Gaming Commission Not to Oversee DFS Any More

Mr. Castillo expressed confidence that the partnership will strengthen Logrand’s leading position in what appears to be a highly-competitive industry. As to the revenue that will go back to Scout Gaming, the joint-statement of the companies explained that this would be solely dependable on how many customers use games and offers provided by Scout Gaming.

However, the statement specified that thanks to the large combined prizing pools that Scout Gaming brings on board, it’s to be expected that users will be drawn to the DFS platform introduced by the company. Meanwhile, talks to have a vibrant betting and gambling market in Mexico go back years to at least 2002.

Logrand’s footprint in Mexico is also quite impressive with 6,000 gaming terminals all set-up and operational. Mr. Castillo is certain that the partnership will lead to an expanding number of users and leading to a more consolidated market share for the companies.

Scout Gaming Launches B2B DFS in Mexico
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Scout Gaming Launches B2B DFS in Mexico
Scout Gaming has partnered up with Logrand Entertainment Group to introduce Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) in Mexico in the first half-year in 2019.
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