Scientific Games Renews Deal with Texas Lottery

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Scientific Games (SG) continues to be a recognizable name in the iGaming and gambling landscape in the United States and beyond. The company has just renewed its contract with the Texas Lottery, which was an important moment for it.

Texas Goes Lotto with Scientific Games, Again

The Texas Lottery has decided to renew its contract with gaming software provider company Scientific Games (SG) for the instant scratch card games available at its facilities.

The deal is of a particular importance to SG, which have been dealing with the consequences of a million-dollar legal case in which the company was sentenced to pay $315 million to various companies for infringing their patents. A decision that SG still contests. This has been aggravated by the fact that SG posted a net loss for 2017.

Despite the legal hiccup, Texas has been using the company for over 26 years to deliver its lottery experience to ordinary Americans. And the renewal was quite significant for SG as well, as under the new contract, SG will deliver games in the next six years.

With all that has been happening, the company published an official statement outlining some of the details of the new partnership. According to the company, SG is bringing some of its most notable products, including the Scratch My Back series, which will be available with improved graphics.

The pair have also been able to pioneer some exclusive solution for the US markets, such as the launch of the Willy Wonka Golden Ticket initiative developed by Scientific and first introduced on the terminals of the Texas lottery.

Beyond the Gambling Aspect

But apart from being focused solely on turning a profit, both SG and the Lottery have been contributing to different causes. In the case of the Texas Lottery, they allocated $1.45 billion to veteran assistance programs.

Meanwhile, SG have been seeking to add more partnerships with other lotteries, including the Ontario and Kentucky Lotteries, expanding the company’s reach significantly.

Despite the lawsuit that hangs over Scientific Games, the company seems determined to pursue its business interest in full. The patent lawsuit didn’t stop the game maker from being recognized during the Global Gaming Awards held just a few days ago.

Meanwhile, SG has also been going through some internal restructuring with the appointment of a new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Alexandre Ambrose, now taking over SG Digital.

Scientific Games recently announced that they are joining forces with Kindred Group to pursue new operations across the United States, as well.

The latest deals with lotteries and awards added to the brand’s name are only testimonies to SG’s staying power in the iGaming landscape of the United States. The company has also been looking past its own borders and it recently concluded the acquisition of Don Best, a Canada-based sports betting company.

Don Best is a real-time data analyzing platform that helps agencies make a better decision when covering events across North America and adjusting the odds for upcoming bets. The exact sum of the deal was not disclosed.

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