SBTech Inks Multi-Year Deal with Sazka in the Czech Republic

SBTech is hoping to expand in the Czech Republic, shortly after the country has revitalized its sports betting and iGaming industries. According to CCO Andrew Cochrane, the market is among the most promising ones in Europe.

SBTech Has Big Hopes for the Czech Republic

SBTech Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Andrew Cochrane has said that the company has high hopes for the still burgeoning sports betting industry in the Czech Republic. SBTech has just managed to clinch an expansion on its existing deal with the country’s lottery operator, Sazka.

The company has managed to prolong its contract with a “multi-year” partnership only two years after it signed the original agreement. The company has also reported substantial gains despite the size and mounting competition in the market.

SBTech has been using a number of technologically advanced solutions to ensure that it can remain a preferred choice in the country. Mr. Cochrane outlined a number of technical solutions that have been helping SBTech win the allegiance of its customers, including a configurable bonus engine and a carefully designed front-end look of its offer in order to make navigation intuitive.

The Czech Republic started to crack the ice of regulation back in January 2017 when the market officially began issuing licenses to operators interesting in developing the sports betting industry in the country. Sazka was launched in Q1, 2017, providing anyone living in the Czech Republic with a great variety of betting options.

Sazka’s management have been all quite satisfied with the technical solutions provide by SBTech.

SBTech’s complete sports betting solution has enabled us to expand rapidly over the past two years and we are very happy to extend our partnership – Sazka CEO Robert Chvatal

Sazka CEO Robert Chvatal touted the technical sophistication and accessibility of the product provided by SBTech. He also pointed out that as a result, the company expects a continued growth in the months to follow.

Mr. Cochrane expressed a similar sentiment, arguing that Sazka’s clear penchant for technological innovation had allowed it to spur progress in a short time. He also said that SBTech is looking into the future of the Czech sports betting market, which is expected to grow even further.

SBTech has a remarkable global footprint, which allows it to bring the best practices from all corners of the world while still tailoring its offer to the specific needs of the region the company operates in.

Presently, SBTech is waiting for the go-ahead in the state of Pennsylvania, after having been approved in New Jersey and Misssissippi. Back in Europe, the company is also preparing to start offering its product in Sweden, a newly-regulated market which will start issuing licenses come January 1, 2019.

It has been a particularly auspicious period for SBTech and the company has decided to bring new appointments onboard to maintain its steadfast growth, including Dave Hammond as the new COO and Jeremie Kanter as head of compliance.

Mr. Kanter’s appointment is particularly important as the legal context in which company operate is becoming more restrictive.

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