SatoshiDice Gives Away 100 to Bitcoin Cash Fund

Bitcoin Cash is increasing rapidly. Cryptocurrencies do not seem to be slowing down, and it seems there are small players in the market helping Bitcoin along. There was a 48-hour donation challenge on Reddit during the first weekend of March 2018. The challenge was to support Bitcoin Cash Fund, a nonprofit group. The goal—gain 1 billion cryptocurrency users in five years.

The Reddit user stated that a match of all donations made in the 48 hour period would be made. This match donation would be up to 300 BCH. The user–@jarenfeser issued the challenge and made the statement about matching everyone’s contribution.

The fund is considered a grassroots, community-driven type of project. The goal of the fun is to get people to use Bitcoin Cash by placing it in their hands. The fund’s statement said we are trying to drive awareness of Bitcoin and to help with internal and community marketing, as well as sales initiatives. They are not looking at fund development, specifically. They are exploring options on a protocol level, but it is expensive, and the fund needs development teams.

BCH supporters took up the challenge.

BCH Donation to Fund

The supporters have provided the fund with $250,000 in cryptocurrency. This occurred in the first eight hours after @jarenfeser made the Reddit announcement about matching any donation made in the 48-hour period. The most notable donor was SatoshiDice who provided 100 BCH to the fund. SatoshiDice is a crypto gambling site. They published the donation on Reddit and confirmed the transaction using visible blockchain.

SatoshiDice has been around since 2012. Erik Voorhees is the one who launched the cryptocurrency gambling website. He is also the CEO of a cryptocurrency exchange called Shapeshift. Voorhees is no longer the website owner, having given up partial ownership in July 2013. He sold SatoshiDice to an anonymous buyer. The transaction was for 126,315 Bitcoin cash, which was worth $12.4 million in USD currency.

The Bitcoin gambling website accepts Bitcoin Cash only. They wanted to keep the spirit of the site alive in the real Satoshi vision, with peer-to-peer electronic cash.

SatoshiDice is a pillar of the Bitcoin community. It has provided plenty of support, and the gambling site appreciates it, as well as the fund, which received the various donations. There is still a lot to happen for Bitcoin, but the fund is doing their part and seeing support.

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