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The Triton Poker Series in Jeju continue a full bore, despite drawing to an end. A new star has emerged, with Sam Greenwood now remaining at the helm of 22 contenders, following Day One of the $255,000 Main Event. Below is our take of the events so far.

Sam Green – A Leader in Plain Sight

Mr. Green arrived in Jeju, South Korea rather belatedly. Fresh off the plane, having barely put food or drink in his body, he headed right for Day 1 of the $64,000 No-Limit Hold’em 6-Handed event. Instead of overcoming his hunger, thirst and fighting off the weariness, Mr. Green did the human thing – he succumbed to all these piling bad circumstances and had a rather poor run at it.

However, this was hardly an assessment of what Mr. Green was capable of. And the latest developments are just proof enough to this. Let’s look at the facts. Mr. Green is now entered in the $255,000 Main Event, which is arguably the priciest tournament to play around this time of year.
With another 44 contenders vying for the coveted first spot, including a $1,000,000 addition to the prize money from Ivan Leow, Mr. Green has managed to keep his lead, outpacing his fellow players. And let’s put it this way – h e’s definitely not short of competitors that may lead to a rather poor turn of events eventually.

But any upset that David Peters, Nick Schulman or Phil Ivey could inflict upon Mr. Green has to be big in order to dethrone him from his leadership position.

Going through the Levels

The competition features 8 legs so far, with Mr. Greenwood managing to establish his dominance over Wai Kin Yong, a local poker star who is not your average poker player. However, an exchange of several calls quickly clipped the hopes of Wai Kin Yong making it to the next stage of the race, with Greenwood securing 844, 000 chips in total.

However, this being the Triton Poker series where all contenders are very narrowly gapped, meaning you will be hard pressed to find any significant omissions in their skill sets, all players ended up ranked nearly the same.

A closer look would immediately reveal that Sam Greenwood has the lead with 865,000 total chips. He is followed by Chan Wai Leong sporting the respectable 790,000 total chips. Next is David Peters with 742,000. Winfred Yu has 731,000 at the time of reporting.

Jason Koon, another well-established name in poker is also sporting a modest fortune at 710,000 total chips. Then comes Mikita Badziakouski with his 707,000 available playing tokens. Peter Jetten, Luc Greenwood, Patrik Antonius, and Stephen Chidwick are all set between 559,000 and 613,000 in total chips, which still allows them to make a comeback in the race.

The Triton Series may be drawing to an end in Asia, but they are definitely a telling way how East and West poker players meet not only to compete, but to learn from one another. The future of poker is definitely global.

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