Russia’s Sports Betting Sites See Increase

FIFA is the major eSports tournament, but most soccer fans look forward to the FIFA World Cup on the field. The World Cup is always going to garner attention no matter the team that is on the field. This year, the attention is starting about two weeks early, with regards to gambling, at least for Russian sports betting operations.

The World Cup is coming on June 14 and will kick off in Russia. Russia is getting plenty of action in their online sports betting companies despite the mixed market. Local bookmakers have permission to operate, but Russia has not always been friendly to online gambling establishments.

Legalbet published a SimilarWeb survey to show how 15 licensed online sports betting operators were doing for April. All of these companies are licensed in Russia. They showed that plenty of traffic is hitting the websites, with 5.9 million on average visitors, for most of the sites.

The Parimatch figure also noted the number of people online was up from 2017. It stands to reason that much of the increase in traffic is due to the FIFA World Cup tournament. LigaStavok is the first online betting company to get a Russian license. It gained this license in 2016. It is currently ranked 4th with the amount of traffic it sees for the World Cup wagers.

The number of people making bets is up, which is good since the restrictions are getting tighter. The financial institutions and banks are being heavily regulated to make certain nothing are going on with money on the online sites.

In years past, and even now, Russia has dealt with plenty of mafia groups attempting to launder money through online sites like the gambling locations. It is why they are so strict. It makes it hard on the people who want to place wagers on things like the FIFA World Cup because their transactions are scrutinized just as much as would-be criminals. However, it seems the companies are not suffering right now from increased traffic, brand recognition, and the ability to get sports betting up and running for the upcoming event.

World Cup Interviews

ESPN interviewed Mohamed Salah who will participate in the World Cup. Salah is ready to get on the field and believes he and his team have a chance of winning. As always the World Cup is getting a lot of attention before it even starts, with plenty of people wondering which team is going to win.

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