Russian Online Casino Busted By Ukraine Police

Last week Parimatch said they did not see Russian gamblers using the bitcoin they deposit. This week, Ukraine cyber police are raiding an online Russian casino. Are the two linked? Tuesday, April 10, 2018, Ukraine cyber police announced they worked with prosecutors in Kiev to raid fifteen locations allegedly connected with eight online, unauthorized casino sites. These sites are related to the Vulkan family gaming websites.

None of the eight sites listed relate to Parimatch, but it does lend to a suspicion that Russian depositors might be using these illegal online casinos for the wrong reasons. Allegations are still in the early stages, but there was enough evidence to raid the company locations associated with the eight domain websites.

The domains are vulkanclub, slotvulkanclub, eldoradoclub, 24 Vulkan, green casino, estacasino, pharaonclub, and anonymcasino. The media reports claim police seized more than 100 computers, bank cards, mobile phones, foreign currency, and an American bank checkbook. The passports associated with the criminal group were also taken. The police stated there were also drugs and guns on the premises.

The investigation is ongoing; however, police have about 80 individuals they will need to speak with and investigate in connection with the operation of the site. The organizers are thought to be Russian citizens who brought their operation to Ukraine in 2013. The move happened after Russian law officers started watching them for illegal activity. Ukraine made online gambling illegal with a law in 2009. However, in recent years they have been attempting to legalize certain forms of gambling, with little progress.

Media reports names Max Polyakov and Maxim Krippa as part of the cybercrime gambling issue. Police state claims were made regarding access to the domains, where they were given support service contact information. Users said the IP was disguised.

Vulkan is licensed in Malta and Curacao, which is how they can legally be online; however, letting customers on from Ukraine is not legal.

Making Progress in Other Locations

On a related subject RA Entertainment will be able to build a Vegas-style casino in the Pacific. The company is behind a new blockchain initiative to get more cryptocurrency into the global gambling sector. Last week, they offered a presale of RAcoin, which will help build a casino in the Pacific. Despite the legality of casinos and Internet-based gambling in Ukraine being nil, companies are allowed to form and create gambling locations in places that it is legal.

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