Russia Makes Online Gambling Registration Easier


The Russian government is assisting online gambling operators to make the process of registering an account easier. The Ministry of Finance composed new regulations, which will omit the step of gamblers needing to register on TSUPIS’, payment centers, and then confirming the registration by presenting an identification document at a gambling venue or at the operator’s retail partner.

The new regulations stipulate that a licensed Russian online gambling operator is entitled to submit identity documents on behalf of the registered gambler to the center to be documented as an internet-based gambling in the books of the operator. This is to function in accordance with the stipulations of the Federal Law of December 29, 2006 No. 244-FZ. The government decided to enact the new regulations after members of the government heard the grievances of the registration process by the 14 licensed internet operators.

The Operators’ Concerns

At the meeting with the government members, the online gambling operators expressed the concern that gamblers who live outside the city, far from the retail partners, are not able to register. The operators, also, stated that the method used by foreign online gambling operators is much easier, thereby, Russian gamblers are enticed to use the foreign sites as opposed to investing in the local ones.

The operators implored the government to expedite the change as they want to take advantage of the foreseen football betting, which will take place during the FIFA World Cup to be hosted by Russia. The Kommersant, a Russian newspaper, stated that the government wants to bar anonymous payments via the internet. The government wants to inhibit the transfer of funds to unidentified accounts such as electronic wallets. The only monetary accounts that the government will permit are a Russian bank account.

The Electronic Money Association proclaims that more than a hundred million electronic wallets are in use in Russia and its owners may transact up to USD $267 on any transaction. The government is has limited the transaction to that amount as a means to hinder any nefarious activities. The online gambling operators consider itself fortunate for the government’s rapid change in the registration process.


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