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The Grand Finale ins Barcelona brought plenty of players to the tables. The gambling tournament usually brings in a lot of interest and this year is no exception. Plenty of the players took part in gaining their winnings from the $30 million prize pool. The Millions Grand Final is a live tournament classic that always brings in the big names like Brits Stephen Chidwick and Adam Owen.

Chidwick won 1.3 million euros, while Owen will go home with 1 million. They placed in second and third, respectively. It was Pascal Lefrancois who took the most significant win, gaining the final main event and walking away with 1.7 million euros.

The game included 1,175 players, all with a buy-in of 10,300 euros. The main event was a guaranteed 10 million euros to be distributed among the top players.

Women poker hall of fame nominations are announced, and there are several key members on the list, including at least one responsible for the Grand Finale Barcelona events.

The women’s hall of fame is something newer to the industry, and it shows that more females are getting into the games. Several took part in the various tournaments, including the after Main Event tournament. In this tournament, 1,163 players tried to get modest winnings. It may not have been the millions, but as Pedro Cairat can say, the victories are not small. Cairat took the win walking away with 195,000 euros.

Cairat and PokerStars

Cairat won the PokerStars National Championships year ago, at the same venue. He won against 4, 557 players winning over 400,000 euros. Another event at Barcelona this week included the 10,000 euro high roller, which earned Fahredin Mustafov the win of 400,000 euros. He was playing against 194 players.

Patrick Leonard, a PartyPoker ambassador, was also in the mix for the weekly news. He requested the Progressive Knockout Tournaments rake be removed to encourage more players to join the tournament. The six-month trial to dismiss the rake will occur during the Grand Tour PowerFest, which offers $40 million in prizes.

In other news, PokerStars is set to enter India. They are opening up tables, which may please their ambassadors and Muskan Sethi, who signed with the company. Having ambassadors and business people that are spreading the word about their current move into a new country will help increase revenue.

Plenty has happened for the week, and more are set to occur as the summer edges closer.

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