Romain Arnaud Advances in Triton Poker Series

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The Triton Poker Tournament currently held in Jeju, South Korea is definitely an event that can be best described as West meets East. The final table of the $127,000 Short-Deck Ante-Only Tournament has reunited sixteen players who have been vying for the juice prize pool. So far, the leaders of the competition seem to be a Frenchman, a fellow European and a representative of North America.

Highly-Contested Short-Deck Action

Given the buy-in the $127,000 buy-in was not exactly the hottest-selling event out there, but it surely attracted 44 players who have decided to give it a go during the clashes. At the time of writing this report, Romain Arnaud had managed to secure himself a fair lead in the overall standing. Just a day before, Sam Greenwood was having a good time.

He wasn’t the only westerner to make a splash at the Triton Series either, accompanied by Tom Dwan, Mikita Badziakouski, and even the well-known face of poker incarnated, Jason Koon.

Representatives from the East were not in shortage either. The founder of the Short-Deck variation, the man himself – Richard Yong was also present. He was joined by Kenneth Kee and the Triton legend and two-time winner Wai Kin Yong.

Checking Out the Action

The action was just what you expected it to be. Chan Wai forced the hand of Paul Phua who had to throw in an extra 100k in order to keep his head in the race.

Meanwhile Chan managed to dispatch of Robl. Tom Dwan may have been late to the party but he managed to hang in there for a fair while. Jason Koon, on the other hand, came under heavy fire from Peter Jetten who was completely oblivious of Koon’s ambassador status for PartyPoker, dismantling him inexorably.

So far, the standing in terms of chips reveals a contested fight for the top spots. Nothing is sure, though, and the leaders must not grow complacent.

Romain Arnaud is currently leading the pack with 1,580,000, trailed closely by Kenneth Kee who is just shy of that amount at 1,515,000. Wai Kin Yong and Peter Jetten held third and fourth place respectively.

Alan Sass managed to round up his stack nicely at 1,3000,000 and Jason Koon is leading in the sub 1-million mark stacks, with his 837,000 chips ready to be deployed. Of course, Koon is far from dropping out of the race and a possible turn-around from him is what the majority of observers expect at this point.

A Sum Up of Triton Poker

Even though the turn up was not as massive as the Montenegro event, this edition of Triton poker has so far attracted sufficient people to keep the interest in the game very much alive. The introduction of the Short-Deck Ante-Only version was also, while a bit controversial, still very much exciting and bringing new competitive edge into the game.

Not to mention that having more players from the West play their counterparts from the East is also an interesting way for all competitors to learn something about alternative strategies and plays in given situations.


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