Rocket League Adds ReKTGlobal as a Sponsor

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Shift into competitive gear and now behold – the Rocket League competition you have always dreamed about. Cars flying at massive speeds, covering great distances and drawing hoops in the sky. Who’s to stop the pure hulking power of those slick and streamlined vehicles, which just want to play football.
No-one and that’s the point.

Enter the Broadcasters

The broadcast partner of the Universal Rocket League, NBC Sports is now even adding to the action by signing up ReKTGlobal, an infrastructure company. The point? Produce more quality content to take the fans by storm and add to the excitement.

ReKTGlobal will work with NBC Sports and elaborate new content for Psyonix’s car soccer title. The company will focus on having segments that feature major events and particularly the grand finals for the Rocket League, which are due on August 24 through August 26.

An exclusive behind-the-scenes peak will allow gamers to see what it’s really like to drive an iron-clad four-wheel footballer at dazzling speeds using a keyboard or a joystick. ReKTGlobal’s ties with the Universal Open don’t stop there, though. The company had been supporting one of the main teams fielded in the competition way ahead of the partnership. Enter Team Rogue, the less roguish-than-their-title-suggests band of metal sorcerers.

Esports on the Small, Big Screen

Esports are not lacking opportunities to shine on both the small and big screen. The sheer amount of investment that had been flocking to the segment has been astounding. ESL, one of the largest tournament hosts out there, signed a massive deal with Facebook at the beginning of the year.

And this is not everything. Partnership are being forge. Investors have recognized the unerring potential of eSports titles which are now driving brand rights and ads. Football teams are joining the competition by the dozen. Even professional athletes are funding their own teams in a bid to put their name on the eSports map.

The fact is – everyone’s crazy about eSports. And the growth is nowhere near completed, as everyone continues to add, by the million, if not by the billion.

An Upbeat Opinion of the Future

It’s hard not to be optimistic about the future. The industry is slated to grow rapidly. The industry will be worth $1.4 billion by 2020 alone, and the viewership continue to climb steadily.

Brands and investors know that if they want to advertise to a young generation with plenty of disposable income it may be worth it to start coughing up for video games! And most wackily of all, serious investors are getting on the bandwagon.

We talk NBC Sports serious. Chinese conglomerate Tencent serious. A number of high-end telecoms across Europe who see the future of eSports as something natural.

And this is not a bubble that is about a burst, oh no – not in the very slightest. The industry is expected to continue its upswing climb at a rather undisturbed pace, which will in turn make investors happier to put down solid money on the table.

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