RGA CEO Clive Hawkswood Steps Down in Early 2019

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Remote Gambling Association (RGA) CEO Clive Hawkswood is said to depart from his position at the helm of the organization, Gambling News has found out. The news has been confirmed across multiple respected outlets. Mr. Hawkswood has been with RGA for 14 years and he is expected to step down in 2019.

Hawkswood and the end of an Era

Speaking to a media outlet, Remote Gambling Association (RGA) CEO Clive Hawkswood, 61, has announced his departure from the job. Mr. Hawkswood spent 14 years ensuring the security of the remote gambling industry and building its integrity standards. His commitment and work have helped spread gambling, but also create a core framework that can be used as guidelines for the future.

For instance, the RGA has supported the Labour Party’s efforts in the United Kingdom to introduce a new and lasting legislation that is better-tailored to protect consumers.

Even though there is much left to be desired and European watchdogs are still finding a lot of irregularities with the separate operators, the RGA has done a lot under Mr Hawkswood. Even though he hasn’t confirmed the exact date of his departure, he is expected to leave in January.

Mr. Hawkswood may stay within the gambling industry or conversely look for a job outside his lifelong expertise. He has not yet confirmed his final intentions, expecting to settle matters within the organization first.

As to a probable successor, the RGA will have a meeting in October, which will have to settle this and other pressing matters in light of Mr. Hawkswood’s timely leave.

Meanwhile, the RGA has remained active in all areas where gambling has been seen as a potential issue, most recently in the English Premier League:

The RGA agrees that more funding is needed if the gambling industry as a whole is to fulfil its responsibilities to everyone in this country who gambles, and especially those who are affected by problem gambling.

Building a Future for the Industry

Mr. Hawkswood is not just eager to leave. He wants to make sure that whoever takes his place will be able to lead the RGA and the gambling industry in the right direction. As a key provision, he has said that whoever fills his shoes will most certainly have to come from within the industry and be familiar with its inner workings, subtleties and surely – challenges.

Significant progress has been made with some of the major initiatives backed by RGA, including GamStop, which will be launched in full by the end of the year.

GamStop is the RGA’s backed initiative which targets the industry’s advertising code will be one of the lasting points of the Hawkswood’s legacy. There have been significant attempts in bolstering the offer and security of advertisement.

Regulators have been pushing to have a tighter control over advertisement that may target adolescents or people who are not of the legal gambling age. Something similar happened with the William Hill and the controversial Mario Kart ad in the United States, prompting the Advertisement Standards Authority (ASA) to act.

Speaking to iGaming Business, Mr. Hawkswood commented, saying:

There have been so many changes. I am of course pleased with the development of GamStop, which will be fully launched in the next few months, and the introduction of the industry’s advertising code.

Even though Hawkswood is departing, the RGA remains. The body will have to continue and be a lodestar for the entire industry, making sense of regulations and legislations for the vast majority of businesses and gamers out there.

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