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Report: SuperData Breaks Down Gaming Market for 2018

Nielsen-owned analytics company SuperData has published a detailed breakdown of the games and related media market in 2018. The industries, the report revealed, notched up a total of $119.6 billion in 2018.

SuperData Breaks the Digital Market for 2018

The newly published report by SuperData looking into the digital gaming market and associated media has produced interesting results.

In their executive summary, SuperData outlined the main takeaways of the industry in 2018, citing mobile gaming as the world’s fastest-growing and highest-grossing segment:

  • Mobile- $61.3 billion
  • PC – $35.7 billion
  • Console – $12.7 billion

The report also focused on another key metric Gaming Video Content (GVC), with unique viewers in 2018 growing by 10%, up to 850 million unique viewers.

SuperData executive summary of gaming revenue.

SuperData executive summary of digital gaming revenue & interactive media in 2018. Credit: SuperData

SuperData revealed that Epic Games’ battle royale, Fortnite, occasioned massive growth in GVC, citing 13% uptick. The most revenue was generated via free to play titles, as reported by other intelligence firms, including Sensor Tower, which has been keeping tabs on the mobile gaming market.

The so-called free-to-play titles managed to notch up 80% of the total digital games revenue in the year. SuperData provided an interesting comparison between free-to-play titles and their premium counterparts:

SuperData's analysis of game revenue, free versus premium titles.

SuperData’s analysis of game revenue, free versus premium titles. Credit: SuperData

Fortnite’s overtures to consoles have given a meteoric rise to free-to-play console games, with the segment reaching the impressive 458% year-on-year increase. According to SuperData, Fortnite generated $2.4 billion in 2018, establishing itself as the dominant free-to-play title.

Top free play titles in 2018 by revenue.

Top free play titles in 2018 by revenue. Credit: SuperData

In terms of esports, there have been other successful games, including League of Legends with $1.4 billion, Honour of Kings (re-created for western crowd as Arena of Valor) adding $1.3 billion, and Supercell’s mobile phenomenon Clash Royale, earning $900 million.

Top premium titles in 2018 by revenue.

Top premium titles in 2018 by revenue. Credit: SuperData

Back to the premium gaming market, PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS led the way with over $1 billion in earnings. FIFA 18 grossed $790 million in 2018 and despite its late release in November, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 fetched $612 million.

FIFA 19 added $482 million an Overwatch brought Activision Blizzard $429 million. Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege came 9th with $440 million, amid the company’s efforts to develop the game into a full-blown esports.

Gaming Video Content (GVC) Audience Grows to $850m in 2018

Unsurprisingly, gaming video content (GVC) excited even more interest in 2018, with 850 million unique viewers tuning in to watch gaming and esports footage. Twitch managed to generated the highest engagement, despite a slimmer user base, with the Amazon-owned giant earning $594 million versus $183 million for YouTube.

SuperData's GVC revenue breakdown for 2018.

SuperData’s GVC revenue breakdown for 2018. Credit: SuperData.

Fortnite Video Content Creators Lead the Way in 2018

Top Twitch channels according to SuperData in 2018.

Top Twitch channels according to SuperData in 2018. Credit: SuperData.

Another expected development confirmed by SuperData was the rise to salience of Fortnite content creators, topping Twitch in 2018.

Tyer “Ninja” Blevins’s channel was the most watched stop on the platform, outdoing the 2nd and 3rd channels put together. SuperData also cited the youthfulness of the Fortnite fandom, with 44% being younger than 25.

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