Report: NewZoo’s Predictions about Esports’ Future

NewZoo, a marketing intelligence firm, has been providing the world of electronic sports with some of the most comprehensive and insightful analyses. From a detailed breakdown of businesses’ prospects of turning a profit to looking into consumer preferences, NewZoo’s work has been an important gauge for everyone who is interested in the segment.

NewZoo’s Predictions for the Future

NewZoo recently published a report that was focused on how the esports market will change for consumers by 2021. The main prediction was that the market will be worth $1.7 billion, but a further breakdown showed different and just as whimsical predictions.

For instance, NewZoo analysts predicted that an esports superstar will have starred in a Nike commercial by 2021. Esports will rally together more viewers than tennis in the United States. More similar queries have been neatly put in a comprehensive report here. And if you so happen to be interested in NewZoo’s breakdown throughout the years, you may want to read the previous insights posted on the official page.

Come back to present day and NewZoo has more predictions all primed and ready for all of you who are eager to find out more about the business side of esports.

NewZoo’s Business Predictions about 2021’s Esports Market

The predictions that make the bulk of NewZoo’s latest report are in fact quite substantial. And equally amusing. They will be a guidance for business, though and as such, they need to be respected. Let’s take it from the top.

All major U.S. media conglomerates are expected to have their own esports dedicated channel(s). Disney, Comcast, and AT&T are already trying to snap up esports rights and start beaming the much-coveted content.

Esports are also slated to outpace traditional professional sports and that’s just a normal development. Universities are already preparing to teach esports seriously, both from the prospect of professional athletes participating in the segment and also the business side of matters whereby people are being trained to join the industry as managers and other executive roles.

Now that esports are primed to enter into the Olympics, a more likely scenario is to see the games become more esports-focused, which will of course be the cause of some traction within the body and how traditional athletes understand and feel towards the new segment.

However, a clear separation between digital and real-life sports may help. As the scene matures, esports will no longer be a term that we will see used in the future. Instead, separate games will shape up as their individual disciplines.

Breaking Down Esports into Sports

As we can tell from the table, all the world’s financial giants will get involved with esports. This has already been happening in China where Tencent has been investing staggering amounts of money to prop up the development of games into real-life sports.

The company’s investment has been versatile and propping up all the main pillars of the industry. From streaming to players and whole gaming studios. Esports are coming, but we will just call them sports in the future.

So, would you want your children to go and become League of Legends professionals in future?

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