Radio Waves Helping Casinos Find Concealed Weapons

The terror Las Vegas suffered when someone opened fire on casino patrons outside one of the Strip’s casinos has not plagued revenue, as February showed us. But, the trauma of that event still makes people worry about weapons, particularly those that might be concealed. People continue to ask if Las Vegas is safer after the shooting, with more security in place and renewed efforts towards mass shootings.

Police video from during the shooting was released and brings up new questions and concerns. Everyone has a right to be concerned given the number of mass shootings that continue to happen in the US and around the world.

Las Vegas hosted a Gaming and Hospitality Active Threat and Crisis Management Symposium last week in Las Vegas. The symposium was held at the Park MGM. The event was packed with representatives from several casinos around the US, who are seeking to be wiser should a mass shooting occur near them.

It is a sad time when such training is required, but the events of October 1, 2017, require people to be more aware than ever that mass murder can happen anywhere, whether it is a theater, school campus, or Las Vegas casino. The person responsible was stopped and is known, but his name does not need to live in infamy.

His target was a country music concert, where the shooter spent time in a room, sighted the attendees and started shooting. Fifty-eight people died, with hundreds injured. The gun in his luggage went undetected.

Casino Faced with Safety

A few weeks ago, it was announced that room checks would occur on a regular basis, despite “do not disturb” signs on the door to ensure nothing like the Las Vegas casino shooting can happen again.

Casinos and hotels do not want to be intrusive, but the action is required, which is one reason why technology may be one option. Patriot One technologies were at the event, and they offer a solution to checking bags, without being overt. The system is a cognitive microwave radar concealed weapons detection system. The technology can use radio waves to tell people if there is a concealed weapon and this helps staff be more aware of a potential threat.

Early warning is key to stopping a mass murder. The Westgate Las Vegas has tested the technology from Patriot One since the shooting. Unfortunately, the tech comes with a price, but casinos on the Strip can afford it.

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