Psyonix Expands Rocket League in Latin America

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It’s time to shift into gear and get that competitive buzz going. Rocket League has long been in the sights of those who love soccer and fast cars. A curious amalgamation of fast-paced gasoline-inspired soccer-themed action, Rocket League is now expanding its Championship Series in 2019.

Psyonix about Football, Cars, and South America

Psyonix, the geniuses behind the metal football action, have now decided to expand the game into South America, and boy, is this something! Rocket League has definitely not had the stature of other competitive titles, but the game has been unflagging in its commitment to add new and excellent opportunities for fans to participate in competitive Rocket League.

As of now, three regions are on the list of places where people compete for a spot amongst the best, including: North America, Europe, and Oceania. And now, Latin America!

And why the change? Well, clearly Latin America loves soccer. But what if you mix that with gasoline guzzlers that pace across the field at awesome speeds? The expansion of Rocket League in the region was absolutely meteoric, with the number of players soaring and the region becoming one of the main bastions of the game. Competition has been rising, too.

The recently concluded Rocket Street SAM Championship Finals in Sao Paulo Brazil elected a winner. A team by the name of Lotus who have manged to clinch the modest and yet fetching $3,000 in prize money.

One of the Most Promising Regions

Psyonix have shared their own excitement to be adding to their family and expanding the present level of competitive grounds that the game enjoys. Psyonix’s acknowledgement to the significance of the game as a whole is a great way to whip up local support and excitement. Not only is the company pleased with the results, but the developers intend to continue allocating funds and backing local competitions.

More specifically, in the remaining months of 2018, the company will be pushing ahead with its efforts to bring more competitions to Latin America, but also bolster local teams and offer them the necessary monetary incentive to pursue a competitive future for themselves.

And Rocket League does mean business, indeed. The recently announced $1 million prize pool for Season 6 Championships is double what we saw in Season 5, and it’s a good sign for the life-expectancy of the game, which may be only going up!

Esports Are Through the Roof

Esports have been soaring in popularity. The estimations for 2022 put the global audience at an all-time high. Some talk about the ‘burgeoning’ eSports industry, but others are also wondering at what point the industry will reach maturity.

In honesty, the eSports industry remains top-heavy, meaning that only the top teams really make a difference to their careers. The majority of athletes are struggling. More revenue is needed to keep professionals going and aspiring pros involved. However, companies also need to be willing to sponsor the initial stages of their games, as Psyonix are doing.

Ultimately, eSports will have to become a vibrant industry with strong network of sponsors and partnerships.

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