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We often want to see poker tournaments turn into grand successes, with people flocking from all over the country to sign up, participate and add to the excitement of the game for both skilled players and spectators. So when this happens, it’s difficult not to nod firmly and say to yourself that things are really going the way they should be for poker nation, and perhaps – worldwide.

Moneymaker’s First Event – What a Success

And so, the Moneymaker PSPC Tour has been a rather successful event. The tournament drew 812 players who converged on the Stones Gambling Hall in Citrus Heights, California. With the entry fees having been adjusted for budget players and high-rollers in equal measure, it has been no surprise to see people participating in number of events.

The tournament really cost just $86 to enter and get a shot at the $25,000 promised entry-package for the upcoming PokerStars Poker Players Championship in January, 2019. The event saw quite the interest indeed, with the participating players being split into two groups. As to group 1A, 364 players participated compared to 1B where 448 hopeful pros decided to join. Ultimately? The event had to see 9 players of each group make it to a final playoff table.

Commentary was provided by some of the most easily recognizable names in the industry and game, including Chris Moneymaker and Daniel Negreanu. Following some intense poker action at the felt, Cliff Ellefson managed to overcome the competition and he was the first to win the $30,000 poker package, allowing him an easy entry into the January tournament. It’s worth mentioning that Chris Moneymaker knows what it is to be an unknown player who has managed to overcome the odds and become an accomplished pro.

To be more specific, the Poker Championship will have an entry-fee of $25,000. PokerStars have organized a series of qualifying events that allow people of particular merit and skill to join the race without spending any of their money. On top of the $25,000 necessary to enter the tournament, winners also receive additional $5,000 to travel out-of-pocket expenses, accommodation and so forth.

Moneymaker Two – More Opportunities for the Players

And now, the Moneymaker Tour is back for a second round! Held at Lucky Chances in Colma in the San Francisco Bay Area, the tournament is taking place from August 19 through August 25.

With no rake to bog down players, everyone who wants to participate may do so in exchange of $86. And there’s definitely quite a bit to be after in all of these events. Any winner at Lucky Chances will not only win the prize pool, but they will also get the coveted bundle that will send them off to The Bahamas and enjoy poker of the highest order. So far, 182 people have turned up for the first part of the race, with at least 50 of those buying-in for a second time.

The Moneymaker Tour will continue so people who haven’t been able to make it to the first two venues need not worry.

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