Proctor Outlines Sky Betting Strategy for the Future

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Sky Betting & Gaming is stepping into the realm of problem gambling by outlining a new initiative intended at tackling the problem head on. The ambition of the company is embodied by its new Chief Executive, Ian Proctor who recently stepped into the job.

Sky Betting Decide It’s Time to Sort Out Problem Gambling

Sky Betting & Gaming has a new CEO with Ian Proctor taking the position at the helm earlier this month. Since his short arrival, Proctor has been carefully examining the offer of the company and charting its future, tentatively addressing particular issues, while actively seeking to expand its offer.

In the words of the man himself, addressing the persistent issue of problem gambling and addictive behavior is what may be best described as the “moral responsibility” of all betting agencies presently on the market.

Proctor has arrived into his new role amid the completion of a takeover bid initiated by The Stars Group, the company that stands behind the world’s most famous online poker platform, PokerStars, following greenlight from the United Kingdom’s competition regulator.

The deal cost The Stars Group $4.7bn and Proctor came in taking the position of his colleague and respected Sky Betting executive Richard Flint who has been hailed as one of the most skilled leaders in the United Kingdom.

The addition of Proctor is a notable move. Fresh with big ideas, he is focused on bringing technology-inspired solutions to solve important issues. According to Proctor, technology will really help identify problematic behavior and address the issue quite naturally.

Addressing Problem Gambling – A Job for the Bookmakers

Speaking to a media outlet, Proctor was quite specific about the state of the industry, not sparing his words. He explained that the industry has been failing of meeting its obligations to protect customers. He also believes that this shift towards a more profit-centered model has come in recent years.

Proctor outlined that the industry needs to not only anticipate problem gambling as a potential issue, but also consider the other ways gambling actually affects real-life individuals.

Pointing out to the advantages of technology, Proctor has been quite straightforward with naming the exact benefits of using technology to the industry’s benefit in identifying those problematic spending patterns that users exhibit, which in turn can elicit prompt action on the behalf of the casino or sports betting agency.

In Yorkshire alone, the company now hosts 1,500 people, Proctor noted and he also explained that Sky Betting is a community and a company that people would want to see their children go and work at.

He also added that the company is exclusively focused on taking new employees constantly and adding fresh blood into it.

Still, to maintain its good repute and establish reputation beyond its bastions, Sky Betting needs to be impeccable in everything they do. The Stars Group takeover will certainly mean adjustment of how things are run at the company.

Then again, appointing Mr. Proctor to man the enterprise is clearly a sign that everyone involved at the highest level wants to establish a new and responsible manner of doing things.

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