Problem Gambling Clinic to Be Opened in Northern England

Gambling addiction, especially in the UK, has been one of the most discussed topics in 2018 with a number of regulators and authorities taking various steps towards ensuring that it does not remain as big a problem as it is becoming. One of the more recent developments in this regard is the move by the National Health Service in the United Kingdom to open gambling addiction and problem gambling clinic in the coming year. This clinic will be the very first of its kind outside of London and the idea has already approved by a number of people who are confident that it will bring forth some much-needed changes to the way problem gamblers are treated. Basically, the clinic will assist people from Northern England with gambling disorders through a number of social service programs.

Set to be open by the summer of 2019, the construction of the clinic was made possible by a $1.5 million grant from a charity which happens to be funded by GambleAware, one of the well-known responsible gambling authorities on the planet. Unfortunately, until the construction is complete the clinic is finally opened, people with gambling disorders will still have to travel to south London to receive the necessary help. Once it opens its doors to patients, the clinic which is going to be called the NHS Northern Gambling Clinic will be run with a partnership of the GamCare Network and the NHS Foundation Trust.

Among the services that the clinic will be offering to people with gambling disorders are social services and mental health counseling. The idea is to provide them with much more than help with breaking gambling habits but also incorporate other important aspects especially because research has shown that problem gamblers or gambling addicts have lots of different problems. These may include such things as job loss, bankruptcy, drug use, debt, and even suicide.

How Gambling Looks Like in the United Kingdom

Just like many other gambling-friendly jurisdictions from all across the world, the United Kingdom has so many options for problem gamblers and, according to critics, the availability and accessibility of gambling services and facilities are part of the problem. There are literally casinos and poker rooms all across the United Kingdom and gamblers are able to place bets online without much trouble. In fact, gambling revenue in the United Kingdom for all forms of gambling activities has been estimated to approximately $18 million every year.

Consequently, research into the scene has also revealed that close to two million people are problem gamblers with nearly 400,000 of the believed to be gambling addicts. Considering how much the gambling industry is, the country’s government has been accused of ignoring the problem. However, the plans for the clinic might finally be a step in the right direction not just for the UK but the world as a whole.

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