Poland’s Totalizator Launches First Online Casino, Lottery

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Poland’s announced its first legal casino and lottery websites, developed and run by Totalizator Sportowy. The domains are now available at TotalCasino.pl and iLotto.pl.

Poland Okays Casino & Lottery Website

The Polish Totalizator Sportowy has just launched the country’s first legal online casino and lottery offers. Found at TotalCasino.pl and iLotto.pl, the websites understandably target Polish gamers. The TotalCasino has been powered by one of the world’s most established casino software suites, Playtech’s. As to the lottery, the software is delivered and maintained by International Game Technology (IGT), another leader in the iLotteries sector.

As per the 2016 regulation, the Totalizator is the only entity in Poland that can legally operate online casinos and lotteries of any sort. The state-owned Totalizator has pointed out that the launch of a casino and lottery websites has been one of the greatest legal challenges in the past half century and certainly one of the most influential developments ones as well.

According to Totalizator Sportowy’s Olgierd Cieślik, the implementation of online gaming technologies would allow the entire sector to expand as well as introduce an alternative revenue stream for a number of sport and cultural initiatives.

This big step towards meeting the needs of customers means the digitisation and implementation of innovative and modern tools for online sales of products, as well as increasing Totalizator Sportowy’s revenues, and thus also increased funds transferred to the development of sport and culture. – Cieślik

Poland has pushed back against gambling for a long while now, being a predominantly Catholic country where morality, while liberal, is still observed in a strict sense and gambling is even less a popular word than it’s elsewhere.

Charting a Course for the Future

Totalizator Sportowy has been part of the country since 1956, but the legal framework has been testy. A significant change came only in 2016 when the Gambling Law of the country was overhauled in its entirety, allowing casinos and other purveyors of gaming solutions to seek accreditation from the Polish government and in turn open up websites on the territory of the country. Individual sports betting operators have long had partnerships with mainstream sporting teams and organizations.

Poland intends to get things right, too. With most other bookmakers and casinos online, verification of one’s identity can be postponed, but Polish operators will be obliged to confirm the identity of their customers before accepting any wagers.

The fact that Totalizator Sportowy is at the helm of the industry is also reassuring in two ways. First, the iGaming industry can get some credibility in a country that generally looks down upon it. Secondly, the national gaming body can also ensure that it will set standards that have the customer’s well-being first.

The customer-focused approach is crucial. While Polish law hasn’t had considered assisting gambling addicts, as their numbers are not documented nor expected to be high in the first place, the country’s legislator are much keener on preventing, which will come from requesting proper due diligence checks form the licensed bodies.

Failure to meet the legal requirements will be met with the full severity of the law.

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