Pokerstars Lawsuit Due to Prize Refusal

>Gordon Vayo was a runner-up for a WSOP event in 2016, and was not given his prize, according to his lawsuit. Vayo states that Pokerstars has a pattern of unlawful and fraudulent conduct. He is an American poker pro who was in the main event for WSOP in 2016. He placed as the runner-up. Vayo decided to begin the lawsuit claiming that he has not received his winnings from a high-stakes tournament in 2017. The tournament took place in May.

Pokerstars answers with integrity, stating they have a duty to ensure the game is valid and played accordingly. Pokerstars is well aware that many US states do not allow online websites to offer poker for cash value. In fact, they more than understand this after a Washington state announcement.
Pokerstars recently left the Washington state market due to a legal decision regarding social gaming apps in an attempt to remain within the laws. Washington State says any game that places a cash value on something virtual is considered gambling and therefore illegal under their laws.

It is only recently that some states have become more forward thinking about allowing online poker players to gain access to websites and win money. As an American, living in the US, Vayo’s tournament play online needed to be vetted. He needs to prove that he was either out of the country playing or in a state that legally allows it and that he is within the laws to collect his winnings. From his account information, Pokerstars states they do not believe he was legally playing on their site.

Several US players have started using VPNs to hide their origination Internet service provider to gain access to online websites and win money. Vayo believes that Pokerstars is using the excuse of the US laws to keep from paying his winnings.

Vayo’s Argument for Money

Vayo lives in Las Vegas. However, he also calls Canada a part-time home. He states that he plays in Canada to gain access to Pokerstars and therefore, with his part-time address in Canada and playing in the country, he should be allowed to collect his earnings. He does not wish to make his home permanent in Canada and feels he should not have to do so. Vayo has played on the site regularly for several years and won several tournaments, which have paid out. However, his 2017 win for $700k was not paid, and his account was frozen when he was trying to remove his winnings.

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