PokerStars Keeps Handing Out Platinum Passes for Bahamas Event

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Everyone wants to grab themselves a Platinum Pass and head for the PokerStars Player No-Limit Hold’em Championship, taking places on the Bahamas. Well who wouldn’t. Were it not for the entry-fee and travelling expenses, the majority of poker fans would be flocking down to the exotic destination without batting an eye. But as the realities of our capitalist world are slightly different, potential competitors will have to get inventive to get themselves a spot in the race.

$30,000 Platinum Pass with PokerStars

PokerStars have been quite happy to provide players with opportunities to win a Platinum Pass for the upcoming PokerStars Players No-Limit Hold’em Championship. And justly so. The event itself has an entry fee of $25,000, not to mention that it helps to have $5,000 on the side to make sure that all travelling expenses have been covered.

And this is precisely what PokerStars has been doing with its Platinum Passes. Granting individual players of merit up to $30,000 to show them that skill in poker will always get you a long way ahead of the competition.

Of course, there are other useful ways that will guarantee you a seat. For instance, a hopeful would-be participant may get their pass in a giveaway randomly, like the ones organized by David Peters.

Not All Passes Should Be Won at the Felt

PokerStars has now decided to try a different approach. The company has offered its ambassadors a poker pass each, asking them to come up with an inventive way to distribute the prize. Presently, the reported ambassadors to hold a pass are Lex Veldhuis, Jen Shahade, Jeff Gross, Daniel Negreanu, and the recently-joined Maria Konnikova, the rising star of poker.

The rules as specified by PokerStars are not restrictive in the slightest. Each of the ambassadors will have to come up with а challenge that they approve of and thus redistribute the Pass. All of the names on the list are rather fetching figures, too.

Take for example Konnikova who went from a complete rookie to an astonishing pro. Her poker successes are numerous and she is definitely not giving up on it. Konnikova may have a sweet spot for rookies who are willing to work hard.

Ultimately, the redistribution of passes the way PokerStars has suggested will try to epitomize the fact that players are not just grinders. They are individuals with careers, aspirations and ambition. As they enter the game of poker, they are also having trouble adapting, but it’s thanks to PokerStars and like-minded operators that novices are offered a chance to shine.

PokerStars and Its Contributions

PokerStars has been the originator of much innovation. The company has been continuously improving upon its products and the games it offers. Just at the beginning of the month, it experimented with a new version of poker that allows you to correct moves that you may regret.

As the game is gaining popularity, more individuals are now trying to play poker recreationally. Those who turn out to be good may rely on a number of satellite events to make it big in no time. But if you ask Konnikova, hours of hard work are required first.

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