PokerStars Gives Over Control of PSPC to Ambassadors

It can sometimes feel like the world is spinning out of control and after the new press release for the PokerStars Player’s No-Limit Hold’em Championship Challenge, or PSPC, Platinum Pass it seems that things have taken a flip over at PokerStars. Or perhaps the world has really begun to slip out of control.

The Event That Will Change Everything

Last year, PokerStars had their hands forced by a significant shareholder the Millions brand, and due to the coercion dreamed up an event with a $25 000 minimum buy-in that is set to shut out all other events. This event will happen before the 2019 PokerStars’ Caribbean Adventure or PCA, the event will see 300 personally selected players who will all be granted a $30 000 Platinum Pass. Aside from the fact that their full transportation and living expenses will be catered for during the event, in addition, PokerStars will then give the winner an extra $1 million on top of their winnings at the event.

After hearing the news, PartyPoker decided that it would host a $25 000 event in the same location as PokerStars – the Bahamas no less, and that the PartyPoker event would have a $10 million winnings pool as well as being called MILLIONS World. Currently, 108 passes to the event have been given out; they have been earned through both physical and online events. However, the crazy part of this whole world-spinning event is that PokerStars has decided to give the PokerStars brand ambassadors full control of the Platinum passes for a period.

The Bad Idea

The Director of Poker Marketing at PokerStars, David Carrion, has seen to it that the PokerStars brand promoters receive carpe diem in order to play with the event and utilize their talents to add value to the brand in unforeseen ways. However, at present, the choice of ambassadors is a little unsettling. The first three who have been announced are as follows Felix Schneiders, Fintan Hand, and Ben Spragg as well as Andre Akkari.

Felix Schneiders current plan has been to launch a BroBattle tournament in Cologne Germany, however, only citizens from Germany, Austria or Switzerland can partake and it has little to do with poker. Hand and Spragg’s own idea of giving a series of challenges to their fanbase, with a winner earning a platinum pass has little to do with poker, which is also worrying. Currently the only one who has chosen anything in line with poker is Andre Akkari who will be giving out a Platinum Pass at the Brazilian Series of Poker. Hopefully, the next lot will think of more activities that are related to poker.

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